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BERN STORE, SANDLAR, MALE ELF, OWNER. HAS ALL ITEMS IN PLAYER HANDBOOK AT PLAYER HANDBOOK PRICE Dried fruits – 1gp/pound apples, pears, peaches, prunes, raisins Mixed shelled nuts – 3gp/pound Gourds – 1gp/10 pounds Gorp – 1gp 5sp per pound (mixed nuts, dried fruit, granola) 1 Alegion Key – 750gp 4 Henry’s Hoofed Beast Miracle […]



OOLITIC DRINK AND FILL UP, MELLIS MASTERS, MALE HALFLING, OWNER – All Player Handbook Items Available at Handbook prices Honey – 2sp/pint 10′ fine copper wire – 2gp Magnifying Glass – 100gp Stew Starter – 1sp (makes 1 gallon of stew, you have to add meat) Tomato sauce – 5cp/pint 1# of graphite in flask […]