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BOJANGLE’S BOX STORE BOB BOJANGLE, MALE HUMAN, OWNER. PLAYER HANDBOOK ITEMS AVAILABLE AT HANDBOOK PRICES Pint of rye whiskey – 5sp Cask of rye whiskey (9 gallons) – 25gp Barrel of rye whiskey (53 gallons) – 125gp 6 Henry’s Hoofed Beast Miracle Salve – 3gp each 9 each 50# bags Berle Special Horse Feed, 25 […]


Roleplay Summary – 05/19/2019

Krethial, Waltz, and Nix decided to follow the wizard back to a cave further north of the mansion. They ran into a group of highway robbers, which Waltz convinced to let us by paying them 25g for each person. We continued on and found said cave in which the trolls were originally in. The trap […]

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SILAS STOCK UP, MALIN BRUSHDOWN, FEMALE GNOME, OWNER ALL PLAYER HANDBOOK ITEMS AVAILABLE AT HANDBOOK PRICES 7 50# Bags of Silas Hog Slop (10 servings, add water) – 5gp each (+2hp and remove 1 condition short rest) 2 dozen oatmeal cookies – 2sp Granola 1# bags – 1sp each 15 bags of Berle Pumpkin Spice […]

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BERLE GENERAL OWNED BY SCOTT AND BETH HUEY, MALE AND FEMALE HUMAN. PLAYERS HANDBOOK ITEMS ARE AVAILABLE AT BOOK PRICES 150 bags of Berle Pumpkin Spice Tea (10 servings) – 1gp (+1hp per hit dice rolledmand 1 1st level spell slot refreshed per short rest) 77 Berle Iron Rations (5 days worth) – 2gp (can […]

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ROGER’S TAVERN AND POST EXCHANGE, MARI RUNI, FEMALE GNOME, MANAGER PLAYER HANDBOOK ITMES AVAILABLE AT PLAYER HANDBOOK COST 27 each bottles of turnip vodka – 5gp each 2 each seaweed poultices – 15gp each (heals 3hp, consumes, usable once per short rest 36 Pumpkin spice tea – 1gp each (10 servings) 5 Vials Kelp/Krill – […]

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BERN STORE, SANDLAR, MALE ELF, OWNER. HAS ALL ITEMS IN PLAYER HANDBOOK AT PLAYER HANDBOOK PRICE Dried fruits – 1gp/pound apples, pears, peaches, prunes, raisins Mixed shelled nuts – 3gp/pound Gourds – 1gp/10 pounds Gorp – 1gp 5sp per pound (mixed nuts, dried fruit, granola) SOLD 1 Alegion Key – 750gp 4 Henry’s Hoofed Beast […]

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OOLITIC DRINK AND FILL UP, MELLIS MASTERS, MALE HALFLING, OWNER – All Player Handbook Items Available at Handbook prices Honey – 2sp/pint 10′ fine copper wire – 2gp Magnifying Glass – 100gp Stew Starter – 1sp (makes 1 gallon of stew, you have to add meat) Tomato sauce – 5cp/pint 1# of graphite in flask […]

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TRADING POST, TALOS SALEN, MALE DWARF, MANAGER – all Player Handbook Items at book price available Gator Jerky – 1sp per pound Fresh Crawdads – 1sp per pound Gator Meat, Raw – 1cp per pound Frog Legs – 5cp per pound Gator Tooth Necklace – 2gp Gator Boots – 25gp Gator Boots – Finest Quality […]