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Help Wanted

Several notices can be found in taverns, stores and dining halls in Riverglen. The notable available jobs include:

  • Clean our a critter infestation in the Neff Brothers warehouse. See Bron Steadfast at the Neff Brothers office at the docks.
  • Supply escort to Fort Sackville. See Miles Erras at Erras Farms.
  • Conduct repairs on the City Center (government building). Kenneth Flake is hiring skilled tradespeople. He can be found at City Center during the day, and the Whispering Flagon of an evening.
  • A member of the Riverglen Council, Abby Randolph, is looking for those who desire a career in diplomacy. She will provide training and errands to improve your skills. If you complete her tasks to her satisfaction, she may hire you as an envoy to other cities in the Gand Province or beyond.