Roleplay Summary – 05/19/2019

Krethial, Waltz, and Nix decided to follow the wizard back to a cave further north of the mansion. They ran into a group of highway robbers, which Waltz convinced to let us by paying them 25g for each person. We continued on and found said cave in which the trolls were originally in. The trap […]



Prior to the Great War, religion had a very large place in most humanoids life. Attending church, temple, shrine, or whatever their religion demanded was often a daily occurrence for the vast majority of people. Then the Great War started as skirmishes between baronies, fiefdoms, and kingdoms over trade routes, land borders, and trade. As […]


Nix’s Background

Originally posted by Nix When she was just 5 years old, Nix was already aware of how her ability worked and her parents have given her her first job. Her family wants to take over an elven family of royalty for the wealth and power. Nix was groomed from birth so that she can take […]


Tristan’s Sermon

“Denizens of Galismar; we gather today, not to mourn the passing of our fellow folk, but to celebrate the lives they lived. To honor the sacrifices they made to preserve our way of life….the people of Vegas did not choose to become the epicenter of this great catastrophe, it was through a series of unfortunate […]


Back to the Collection

When I started writing here, I decided to go through my collection, alphabetically, and review each title, though occasionally, I’d back up into the list to catch a title I’d recently acquired. I stopped writing them when I moved, and cut my collection in half. I left half of it behind with the shop when […]


Fort Sackville, a Primer

I’ve been working a bit to bring a bit more traffic to Fort Sackville, so if you’re here for the first time, I’d like to tell you a little bit about what we are. Fort Sackville Gaming Society began as a handful of friends who got together multiple times a week to play various tabletop […]


Expanding the Collection

For the last year and a half, I’ve severely curtailed my board game collecting. Having a baby, moving across the state, maintaining a small house payment as well as rent, and not having as much time to game really make it a lot more difficult to *collect* games, let alone play them. There have been […]