About Fort Sackville Gamers

Fort Sackville Gamers is a site dedicated to non-electronic gaming.  As our gaming community grows, we’ve discovered a wide array of talented, and creative gamers, in many aspects of gaming.  Competitive Magic, casual LCG players, Roleplayers, Board Gamers, Wargamers (fantasy, historic, miniature, and non).  A little bit of everything.

The goal here is to give local gamers a place to voice their thoughts, ideas, and more.

More to come…

2 Replies to “About Fort Sackville Gamers

  1. Seriously looking for a gaming group. Maybe an Amtgard group or a Vampire the Masquerade Larp. If nothing else a D&D group or some Magic the Gathering players.

    1. There is a new store in Vincennes, called Jubilee Games. They’re only open on weekends, but they have a great group of players.

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