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Jason’s Board Game Collection — Interlude #1

So, I’ve been bad about keeping up on my journal of my collection. I do have an excuse, though. The last few weeks, I’ve not gotten to do much gaming. I’ve been getting our house ready for a new addition.

As I type this, I’m sitting in the hospital room, while they get everything ready to induce my wife. Our first child, a daughter, is on the way.

After things calm down a bit, I will be resuming my thoughts on each game in my collection. A note about my posting order. I’m going through my collection alphabetically, but will backtrack when I add games that I’ve already passed alphabetically. So, in theory, my next review will be Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small. I picked this up specifically to play with my wife, and while I have a captive audience, I’m gonna try to get in a game or two.

More soon, and I’ll warn you, there will be pictures of my daughter.


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