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I’d really like to title this “Hot Lava Birth” but that might be pushing it just a little.

This is to announce that the Daviess County Museum, 212 Main Street, Washington, Indiana,  will begin hosting a monthly


To be held on the First Saturday of the month, at the Daviess County Museum, from 12 pm to 5 pm.

The first GAME DAY will be held on Saturday, May 3, 2014.

Based on the success of the museum’s participation in International TableTop Game Day, Vince Sellers, Museum Director, has announced the monthly gaming event.  The Daviess Room on the second floor of the museum is a spacious area with 11 tables available for gaming with room for over 60 gamers.

Traditional board games, modern board games and children’s games will be provided along with a knowledgeable staff to teach the games.  All are welcome.  Bring your favorite game, bring a friend, bring the person you want to trounce in a game, but come!

Smiles, laughter, good natured taunting and fun for all available to all who attend!

For further information contact the Daviess County Museum at 812-257-0301, or contact via e-mail at


Great Gaming Gang!


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