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Author: ELDAR1986



Rules: Ante. Players roll 2d6. If they add to a 7 or 12, the player wins. Gamblers can double the bet to add 1d6.


Rules: Ante. Players roll a d20. Highest number wins pot. Re-roll on ties.


Rules: Ante. Each card player rolls 1d8, keeping the die hidden. Each player has the chance to raise the bet, call the bet (meet it), or fold. It continues when all bets are equal.

Then each player rolls a 1d6, keeping it secret as well. A final chance to raise, call, or fold. Each remaining player rolls 1d4. They all reveal the 1d8, 1d6, and 1d4, adding them all together. Winner takes the pot. Ties split the pot.


Rules: There are any number of players that ante and place their stakes into a pot. Each player then rolls 3 dice all at once and the dice rolls are compared. Who ever has the best combination wins all of the pot. If players tie then they have a shootout with the same rules to determine a winner.

Combinations and rankings:

4-5-6 – The highest possible roll. If you roll 4-5-6, you automatically win
Triples – Rolling three of the same number is known as rolling “trips”. Higher trips beat lower trips, so 4-4-4 is better than 3-3-3
Point – Rolling a pair, and another number, establishes the singleton as a “point”. A higher point beats a lower point, so 2-2-6 is better than 5-5-2
1-2-3 – “1-2-3 straight lose” The lowest possible roll. If you roll 1-2-3, you automatically lose
Re-roll – If the dice don’t show any of the above combinations, then all will roll again until a winner emerges


Rules: The object of the game is to get 22 or as close to 22 as possible. Each gambler is playing
against the house. Place bet.
Roll a d12 and a d10. Rolling a 12 and a 10 is a Greenbob and wins, pays 5X original bet
Decide whether to stay, keeping what rolled, or to hit, roll your choice of a d12 or d10
Continue to roll dice till either happy with roll, known as staying or stick, or going over 22, known as busted or bust
House goes last after initial roll. House must take hits if at 15 or less, must hold at 16 or more
All that beat house win double their bet
If you roll 5 times and still are at or under 22, pay triple
May split two identical rolls on first roll, such as two 10’s, and place initial ante on second card. Roll two more die of players choice to add to two identical cards. Play out as normal


Rules: Ante. Roll 5d12’s. Raise, call or fold. May keep all, four, three or two dice, re-rolling up to three. Raise, call or fold.

Combinations and rankings:
Five of a Kind – 5 12’s the highest possible, the higher combination wins
Straight – 5 consecutive numbers, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, does not wrap, higher combination wins
Four of a Kind – 4 12’s with an 11 kicker highest, the higher combination wins
Full House – Three of a kind and a pair, 12, 12, 12 and 11, 11, highest three of a kind wins
Dead Man’s Hand – a pair of 12’s and a pair of 8’s
Three of a Kind – 4, 4, 4 and two other cards
Two Pair – The highest pair determines the winner of more than one with 2 pair
One Pair – The highest pair wins
High Card – If none of the above, the high card wins
Tie – If hand is the same, roll 1 die to determine the winner, high die wins


Rules: Roll 7 RPG dice: d20, d12, d10, d10, d8, d6, d4, do not reveal rolls
Place out 7 Antes, Starting with the smallest ante, ending in the highest ante , everyone antes the same such as 1gp, 2gp, 3gp, 4gp, 5gp, 6gp, 7gp, or multiples of said ante, but always from lowest to highest ante
Choose one of your dice for the first ante, all reveal at the same time, highest wins all first slot antes, ties for highest re-roll till winner, rolling dice chosen
Choose one of your dice for the second ante, all reveal at the same time, highest wins all second slot antes, ties for the highest re-roll till winner, using dice chosen
Continue till all seven slot antes have been used


Rules: Ante. Each gambler takes turns rolling 6d6, keeping one die from each roll to determine their score.
Roll 6d6 keeping one dice
Roll 5d6, keeping one of the rolled dice
Roll 4d6, keeping one of the rolled dice
Roll 3d6, keeping one of the rolled dice
Roll 2d6, keeping one of the rolled dice
Roll the remaining d6
Make a wager, raise or fold
Scoring – In order to score, you must have a 1 and a 4 among your final six dice. If the gambler does, then the total score is calculated by adding the remaining 4 dice together. The highest score possible is 24. Highest score wins. If no one has the required 1 and 4, no one wins and thr pot rolls into the next round, starting with ante again.


Rules: Ante. DM rolls 2d6, hiding the results. Each gambler choose whether the two dice rolls totaled are either odd or even. The house pays the ante to those gamblers selecting correctly, the hours collects the incorrect guesses.


Rules: In this game, gambler’s bet on the result of a dice toss by the DM. The more specific a gambler’s bet is, the better it pays out. When the game begins, choose one of the results below to bet on. Then the DM rolls a d100. If the dice lands on your result, it pays out, and you get a number of coins for each coin you bet. For instance, at 3 to 1 odds, you get 3 coins for each coin you bet, in addition to the gambler’s wager. House collects failed wages.


Odd or Even 1 to 1
Low Half (1-50) or High Half (51-100) 1 to 1
Thirds (1-33, 34-66, 67-100) 2 to 1
Fourths (1-25, 26-50, 51-75, 76-00) 3 to 1
Fifths (1-20, 21-40, 41-60, 61-80, 81-100) 4 to 1
Tenths (any range of 10 values) 9 to 1
Split Bet (any two numbers) 50 to 1
Single Bet (any single number) 99 to 1

Once per roll, each gambler may choose to make a sleight of hand attempt, to either add coin to the bet or take coin away. Make a sleight of hand roll, adding bonuses. The DM rolls a perception roll, adding bonuses. As before, if the perception check is lower than the sleight of hand, the changing of the bet is successful. If the perception check is equal to or higher than the sleight of hand, the attempt is spotted, and all bets are off!


Rules: Bet on a Kobold. The DM rolls 1d4 for each Kobold three times, describing the stages of the race at each round of rolls. The Kobold with the highest roll total wins, and those who bet on it double their bet as winnings. Second place bet gets half of their bet back. Kobolds will have dexterity modifiers to extend their movement.


In card and dice games, gamblers may only make one roll per hand for sleight of hand. Sleight of hand is rolled, and any bonuses added. Then each opponent or the house rolls perception to see if they catch the gambler attempting to use sleight of hand. If the perception roll is lower than the sleight of hand, the sleight of hand is not detected and the gambler may re-roll one die. If the perception is equal to or higher than the sleight of hand, the sleight of hand is detected. What happens after that is anyone’s bet!


Gamblers may make one perception roll and or one insight roll per hand, revealing score, adding any bonuses. The gambler that is the target of perception or insight makes a deception roll and reveals score adding any bonuses. The target gives no information on ties or winning. If the target is beat by 1-5, the gambler gains a feeling of cautiousness. Beat by 6 or more and the target either feels confident or unsure, based on the strength of the cards or dice. If a gambler is the target of more than one insight or perception by a different gambler, the target may keep the same deception die from the same hand, or roll again, targets choice.



  • Pint of rye whiskey – 5sp
  • Cask of rye whiskey (9 gallons) – 25gp
  • Barrel of rye whiskey (53 gallons) – 125gp
  • 6 Henry’s Hoofed Beast Miracle Salve – 3gp each
  • 9 each 50# bags Berle Special Horse Feed, 25 servings – 7gp each (+2hp, eliminate 1 condition)
  • 2 spool gator gut thread, 20′ – 3gp
  • 1 dozen gator bone needles – 1gp 5sp
  • 6 each Berle Firestarter pouch – 7gp each
  • 1 pouch 3 tiny to small wire cutters, very fine – 375gp
  • SOLD 24 each pints of pure, triple filtered grain alcohol – 10gp each
  • 5 each Healing potions – 55gp each (2d4+2)
  • 9 each potions of hangover cure – 50gp each
  • 10 bronze arrows – 2gp for the lot
  • 14 silver arrows – 5gp 5cp for the lot
  • 3 each +1 arrows – 12gp each
  • 17 bronze crossbow bolts – 5gp 7sp for the lot
  • 9 each +1 crossbow bolts – 12gp each
  • 10 bronze shot – 2gp for the lot
  • 3 each +1 shot – 11gp each
  • 10 each +1 atlatl darts – 15gp each, 125gp for the lot
  • 5 each spear gun spears – 25gp each
  • 1 each +1 spear – 4800gp each
  • Book – “Bright” (fiction) – 2gp
  • Book – “I’d Pay a Silver Piece for That” (romance) – 2gp
  • Book – “Bone Tommahawk” (fiction) – 3gp
  • Book – “The Elves of the Arbor” – 4gp


  • Repair pump in distillery – 150gp
  • Load delivery wagons – 5gp per day
  • Work as blacksmith in stables – 7gp per day


  • Etiquette, learn how to behave in every situation – Class 50 hours. 100gp. Kit 10gp. Practice none
  • Diplomacy – Class 120 hours, 250gp. Kit 50gp. Practice none (certification in debate and etiquette required)
  • Learn puppetry – Class 80 hours, 160gp. Kit 275gp. Practice – Put on 2 successful puppet shows


  • “The History of Rye Whiskey”
  • “Wildlife in the Swamp”
  • “The Heroes of Tenefyr”
  • “May I Have Another Please?” (romance)
  • “The Sword and the Sorcerer” (fiction)
  • “24 Knots You Can Tie”
  • “Atlatl Basics”
  • “Building Construction Geometry”
  • “12 Food Dehydration Recipes”
  • “Philosophy in the Age of the Confederation of Galismar”
  • “Maintain Your Kit! The Key to Survival”
  • “The Big Boat” (children’s)
  • “Spot’s Adventure” (children’s)
  • “The Hot Tub” (romance)
  • “Shadow Bound” (fiction)
  • “Phosphorous in Alchemy”
  • The Herbalists Guide to Cinnamon”
  • “The Bubbling Brook” (poetry)
  • “The North Side of a Mule Heading South” (joke book)
  • “Candle Making for Beginners”


  • Church of the Light needs rebuilt – unlimited



  • 7 50# Bags of Silas Hog Slop (10 servings, add water) – 5gp each (+2hp and remove 1 condition short rest)
  • 2 dozen oatmeal cookies – 2sp
  • Granola 1# bags – 1sp each
  • 15 bags of Berle Pumpkin Spice Tea (10 servings) – 1gp (+1hp and 1 1st level spell slot refreshed per short rest)
  • 7 Berle Iron Rations (5 days worth) – 2gp (can not be spoiled by time or spell)
  • 9 each 50# bags of Berle Horse Feed (25 servings) – 5gp (+2hp and cures one condition)
  • 1 each pouches of Berle spiced tobacco (10 bowls) – 5sp each
  • 7 each Berle fire starter pouches – 5gp each
  • 17 bars of Berle spice soap – 3sp each
  • 9 each flasks of corn cooking oil – 1sp each
  • 3 each collapsible shovels – 3gp each
  • SOLD 1 set of small probes, files, picks and levers, very fine – 175gp
  • 4 Knapping set of tools – 3gp
  • 3 each healing potions (2d4+2) – 50gp each
  • 1each antidote potions – 75gp each
  • 3 each cure disease potions – 150gp each
  • 1 each scroll – color spray – 275gp
  • 3 each +1 arrows – 8gp each
  • 2 each +1 crossbow bolts – 8gp each
  • silver mace – 20gp
  • Book – Effective Natural Pesticides” 5gp
  • Book – “24 Fish Flies You Can Tie” 3gp
  • Book – “Unbroken” (fiction) 1gp
  • Book – “The Book of Feathers”


  • Load Wagons – 3gp per day
  • Guard Caravan Garage – 3gp 5sp per night
  • Perform Music for My Party – 50gp for night
  • Repair Door on Caravan Garage – 6gp
  • Copy Damaged Village Log (40 hours) – 200gp
  • Assist in Building New Village Silo – 8gp per day (building construction, masonry, plumbing specialties)
  • Assist in Building New Village Silo – 4gp per day (general labor)


  • Container Gardening, learn to grow flowers, herbs, and some vegetables in pots – Class 40 hours, 12gp. Kit 25gp. Practice none
  • Fletcher, learn to make arrows, quarrels, and darts – Class 40 hours 40gp. Kit 60gp. Practice craft 20 fine quality arrows. Master class available
  • Ammo Smithing, learn to make arrow, quarrel, dart heads and forge shot – Class 40 hours 40gp. Kit 75gp. Practice craft 20 fine quality heads or shot. Master Class available
  • Flint Knapping, learn to make arrow heads, daggers, spear heads and more out of flint and obsidian – Class 72 hours 72gp. Kit 4gp. Practice craft 1 fine quality dagger, spear head and 6 heads each out of flint and obsidian. Master Class available


  • “The Lighthouse Keeper” (romance)
  • “Vanished” (mystery)
  • “Panic: (horror)
  • “Jax the Cat” (children’s)
  • “Teas for the Aficionado”
  • “The Stalker” (horror)
  • “Death Be Not Proud” (motivational)
  • “Goblins, Hobgoblins and Bugbears, an Investigation”
  • “Masterlock and Schrade Locks, Diagrams and Key Blanks”
  • “The Chemical Properties of Spices”
  • “Magnuson and Airheart, the Master Alchemists”
  • “The Ecology of the Northern Cedar Forest”
  • “The Old Man and the Sea” (fiction)
  • “12 Barrel and Cask Designs”
  • “Block and Tackle Diagrams”
  • “Patent, Trademark and Copyright Law”
  • “Alkalines, Chemical Properities and Uses”
  • “Songs of Love”
  • “Dirty Jokes”
  • “Legends of the Lost” (fiction)
  • “The Big Red Ball” (children’s)


  • Repair family’s well – 8 hours
  • Construct wheel chair ramp – 16 hours
  • Clean out community root cellar – 8 hours



  • 150 bags of Berle Pumpkin Spice Tea (10 servings) – 1gp (+1hp per hit dice rolledmand 1 1st level spell slot refreshed per short rest)
  • 77 Berle Iron Rations (5 days worth) – 2gp (can not be spoiled by time or spell)
  • 29 each 50# bags of Berle Horse Feed (25 servings) – 5gp (+2hp and cures one condition)
  • 81 each pouches of Berle spiced tobacco (10 bowls) – 5sp each
  • 17 each Berle fire starter pouches – 5gp each (guaranteed to light and stay lite in non submerged environment)
  • 171 bars of Berle spice soap – 3sp each
  • 96 each flasks of corn cooking oil – 1sp each
  • 12 each triple filtered corn oil – 1gp each
  • Magnifying glass – 100gp
  • 3 each collapsible buckets – 3gp each
  • A very fine oiler, with a selection of a dozen flexible tips, from tiny to normal, with wooden case – 225gp
  • 1 case of 48 vials with corks, in wooden case – 45gp
  • 2 each flasks petroleum oil, fine grade – 100gp each
  • 3 each healing potions (2d4+2) – 50gp each
  • 1 superior healing potion (8d4+8) – 550gp
  • 6 each antidotes – 75gp each
  • 3 each cure disease potions – 150gp each
  • 1 each scroll – Lightning Bolt – 700gp
  • 2 each scroll – Prayer of Healing – 500gp each
  • 1 each scroll – Sleet Strom – 700gp
  • 7 bronze arrows – 8sp for the lot
  • 3 each +1 arrows – 8gp each
  • 10 silver quarrels – 2gp 9sp
  • 6 each +1 quarrels – 7gp each
  • 10 each flint shot – 2gp 5ps for the lot
  • 1 each +3 shot – 1925gp
  • 10 silver atlatl darts – 5gp for the lot
  • 4 each +1 atlatl darts – 12gp each
  • bandolier of 6 silver darts – 2gp
  • 10 each blowgun sleep darts – 550gp each, 5000gp for the lot (-2 to hit, dc18 constitution save, fail sleep 3 rounds, save no effect)
  • bronze mace – 10gp
  • +1 shield – 8500gp
  • Book – “The Growing Season” (agricultural primer) – 3gp
  • Book – “Twelve Pie Recipes” – 2gp
  • Book – “Two Plays by Falstaff, The Hummingbird and A Fast Night” – 5gp
  • Book – “Lubricants” – 6gp


  • Repair grandfather clock – 15gp (requires tinkering/artificer skill)
  • Load pumpkin wagons – 3gp 5sp per day
  • Preventative maintenance on workhouse equipment – 200gp at job completion, at least 40 hours (tinkering/artificer skill required)
  • Blacksmith worker – 4gp per day
  • Harvest Corn – 3gp per day
  • Repair roof on house – 5gp, requires carpentry skill
  • Drive wagon in bog – 8gp 5sp per day (requires land vehicle skill)
  • Load Bog Wagons – 3gp 5sp per day
  • Dog ditch for fire district irrigation – 2gp 5sp per day


  • Fly tying class – Class 16 hours, 10gp. Kit 5gp. Practice tie 50 flies.
  • Calligraphy – Class 24 hours, 12gp. Kit 10gp. Practice 96 hours.
  • Bookbinding – Class 48 hours, 24gp. Kit 50gp. Practice bind three books
  • Knots and Rope Use – Class 12 hours, 5gp. Kit 11gp. Practice none
  • Lashing – Class 20 hours, 10gp. Kit 17gp. Practice 20 hours (need knot and rope class first)
  • Pioneering – Class 80 hours 50gp. Kit 40gp. Practice none (need lashing class first)
  • Rope Making – Class 20 hours 25gp. Kit 100gp. Practice – make one 50′ hemp rope and one 50′ silk rope.
  • Bola use – Class 12 hours 6gp. Kit 4gp. Practice 48 hours
  • Repair clothing, clothing maintenance and beginning embroidery – Class 20 hours 10gp. Kit 3gp. Practice 80 hours
  • Advanced clothing repair – Class 40 hours 25gp. Kit 25gp. Practice 160 hours
  • Tailor – Class 80 hours 50gp. Kit – 25gp. Practice 200 hours
  • Master Tailor – Class 160 hours 100gp. Kit 50gp. Practice 500 hours


  • “Fahrenheit 451” (fiction)
  • “Rabbits and Hares of Galismar”
  • ’24 Short Stories for Children”
  • “The Long, Hot, Summer” (romance)
  • “Etiquette 101”
  • “Heraldry of the War of the Races”
  • “There’s a Wocket in My Pocket” (childrens)
  • “Volo’s Guide to Monsters”
  • “Dirt and Sand, a Layman’s Guide”
  • “The Tell Tale Heart and Other Stories” (horror)
  • “The Old Man and the Sea” (fiction)
  • “A Fletcher’s Guide to Feathers”
  • “The Weather of Galismar”
  • “Geometry”
  • “The Cookbook of Cookies”
  • “The Lute Primer”
  • “Mead Basics”
  • “Wills and Estates”
  • “The Ice Stalkers”
  • “The Bounty of the Bog”
  • “The Wind and the Lion” fiction


  • Roof Repair – Repair roof on elderly woman’s home
  • Paint – Paint the inside of the Berle Community Building



  • 27 each bottles of turnip vodka – 5gp each
  • 2 each seaweed poultices – 15gp each (heals 3hp, consumes, usable once per short rest
  • 36 Pumpkin spice tea – 1gp each (10 servings)
  • 5 Vials Kelp/Krill – 250gp each (adds 5 temporary hit points lasts till 1 week or till used)
  • Spyglass – 750gp
  • 96 Pumpkin spice tobacco – 5sp (10 bowls worth)
  • 5 each folding shovels – 3gp each
  • 60 each healing potions – 50gp each (2d4+2)
  • 60 each antidote potions – 75gp each
  • 60 each cure disease potions – 150gp each
  • 2 each expeditious retreat potions – 100gp each
  • 4 each scroll, snare – 150gp each
  • 2 each scroll, longstrider – 150gp each
  • 2 each scroll, arcane lock – 400gp each
  • 2 each scoll, knock – 450gp each
  • 2 each, scroll, rope trick – 450gp each
  • 10 copper arrows – 2gp for the lot
  • 10 flint arrows – 2gp 5sp got the lot
  • 5 each +1 arrows – 7gp
  • 2 each +2 arrows – 75gp each
  • 10 bronze crossbow bolts – 2gp for the lot
  • 1 each +3 crossbow bolt – 1940gp
  • 10 bronze shot – 2gp for the lot
  • 10 silver shot – 2gp 5sp for the lot
  • 7 each acid shot – 15gp each (+1d4, 2nd round 1d4. 3rd round 1d2)
  • 10 each +1 shot – 7gp each, 65gp for the lot
  • 10 each flint atlatl darts – 1gp each, 9gp for the lot
  • 7 each +2 atlatl darts – 106gp each
  • +1 dagger – 3900gp
  • Book – “Get Moving, a Guide to Physical Fitness” – 2gp
  • Book – “How to Talk to the Opposite Sex” – 2gp
  • Book – “A History of Edged Weapons” – 3gp
  • Book – “The Basics of Tracking” – 5gp
  • Book – “Basic First Aid” – 7gp


  • Masonry work – 10gp per day
  • Carpentry work – 10gp per day
  • Plumbing work – 10gp per day
  • Land vehicle work – 10gp per day
  • Blacksmith work – 10gp per day
  • Animal maintenance – 10gp per day
  • Tool maintenance – 10gp per day
  • Cook – 10gp per day
  • Load and unload wagons – 10gp per day


  • Building Construction – Class 24 hours, 12gp. Kit 6gp. Practice 120 hours
  • Masonry – Class 24 hours, 12gp. Kit 6gp. Practice 10 hours
  • Well Digging, Irrigation – Class 8 hours, 2gp. Kit 1gp. Practice 16 hours
  • Homing Pigeons – Class 16 hours, 16gp. Kit 250gp. Practice 40 successful runs. Raven class available
  • Bee Keeping – Class 24 hours, 12gp. Kit 200gp, Practice 240 hours
  • First Aid – Class 24 hours, 6gp 5sp. Kit 7gp 3cp. Practice 8 hours.
  • Advanced First Aid – Class 48 hours. 15gp. Kit 15gp. Practice 48 hours in hospital, combat zone or the like
  • Glassblowing – Class 12 hours, 100gp. Kit 120gp. Practice 120 hours
  • Vehicles, Land – Class 24 hours, 8gp. Kit 5gp. Practice 48 hours
  • Animal Handling – Class 48 hours, 24gp. Kit 50gp. Practice 96 hours
  • Blacksmithing – Class 96 hours, 96gp. Kit 50gp. Practice 240 hours
  • Cooking – Class 16 hours, 8gp. Kit 25gp. Practice 48 hours
  • Food dehydration – Class 40 hours, 40gp. Kit 20gp. Practice 20 hours
  • Fire Starting – Class 8 hours, 4gp. Kit 15gp. Practice 8 hours


  • “The Basics of First Aid”
  • “The Kingdom of Geat a History”
  • ‘A Comparison of Fibers, Cotton, Wool, Flax, and Hemp”
  • “The Arch Druids”
  • “Mithril, The Metal of the Dwarves”
  • “Road Construction, A Primer”
  • “Wolves, Dire Wolves, and Winter Wolves”
  • “The Herb Garden”
  • “The Basics of Spices”
  • “A Comparison of Acids”
  • “Bee Keeping 101”
  • “Minecraft” (fiction)
  • “A Fire on the Prairie” (romance)
  • “24 Basic Herbalism Recipes”
  • “12 Songs for Performance”
  • “March of the Ants” (fiction)
  • “That’s My Mom” (Children’s)
  • “The Thing” (horror)
  • “Birds of a Feather” (Poetry)
  • “The Chess Masters”
  • “Evergreen Trees, Identification, Growth and Uses”
  • “The Stepford Wives” (fiction)
  • “The Elves of the Arbor”
  • “The Big Red Wagon” (Children’s)


  • Labor for The Village of Philidias – unlimited



  • Dried fruits – 1gp/pound apples, pears, peaches, prunes, raisins
  • Mixed shelled nuts – 3gp/pound
  • Gourds – 1gp/10 pounds
  • Gorp – 1gp 5sp per pound (mixed nuts, dried fruit, granola)
  • SOLD 1 Alegion Key – 750gp
  • 4 Henry’s Hoofed Beast Miracle Salve – 3gp each
  • 2 each 50# bags Berle Special Horse Feed, 25 servings – 7gp each (+2hp, eliminate 1 condition)
  • 1 spool gator gut thread, 20′ – 3gp
  • 2 each Berle Firestarter pouch – 7gp each
  • Pouch of 7 various size rare earth magnets – 315gp
  • 2 each pints of pure, triple filtered grain alcohol – 12gp each
  • 3 each Healing potions – 55gp each (2d4+2)
  • 1 each Supreme healing potion – 990gp (10d4+20)
  • 1 each potion of invisibility – 250gp
  • 10 bronze arrows – 2gp for the lot
  • 14 silver arrows – 5gp 5cp for the lot
  • 3 each +1 arrows – 12gp each
  • 17 bronze crossbow bolts – 5gp 7sp for the lot
  • 6 silver crossbow bolts – 1gp
  • 9 each +1 crossbow bolts – 12gp each
  • 22 bronze shot – 3gp for the lot
  • 3 each +1 shot – 11gp each
  • 2 shot of impact – 14gp each (+2d12 force damage)
  • 17 each +1 atlatl darts – 15gp each, 225gp for the lot
  • 1 each atlatl dart of stunning – 475gp (dc 16 constitution saving throw stunned 2 rounds, 1 round on save)
  • Fine quality Tetsubo – 1125gp (+1 to damage, can be magiked)
  • +1 staff – 4750gp
  • 4 each +1 javelins 2300gp each – 8500gp for the lot
  • Book – “Navigation; A Primer” 5gp
  • Book – “That’s a Big One!” (romance) 2gp
  • Book – “Fire Mages and Their Skills” 3gp
  • SOLD Book – “Dwarven Clans in Galismar” 4gp


  • Furniture such as desks, tables, chairs, chests, cabinets, bookcases
  • Wagons and carts of all descriptions, from human pulled cart to cargo wagons to stagecoach to chuck wagon to fine carriages.
  • Wagon supplies such as barrels, casks, wheels, axles, etc
  • Collapsible stools, buckets, shovels, picks, rain catchers
  • Special of the month – two horse, two person war chariot, armored, with javelin and arrow holders – 225gp


  • Nightwatch at New Bern Wagon Storage Facility – 3gp 4sp 8 hour shift
  • Unload and spread gravel on New Bern roads – 3gp per day
  • Unload road salt shipment – 4gp
  • Make up posters, 24, for upcoming auction – 24gp (calligraphy skill needed)
  • Speech coach needed – 22gp
  • Repair/recondition 7 block and tackle sets – 3gp each, see Buck’s Carpentry (tinkerer skill needed)
  • Preventative maintenance on two storage silo apparatus – 25gp each (tinkerer skill needed)
  • Someone to write 6 letters in Celestial – 5gp each (must speak celestial and have calligraphy skill)
  • Work in stables smithy – 6gp 5sp per day (smith skill needed)
  • Stable hand – 3gp per day (Hoofed Animal Maintenance Skill needed)
  • 22 hides that need tanned – 3gp each (tanner’s skill needed)
  • Recondition a suit of plate – 25gp (armorer maintenance skill needed)
  • My goats are sick – 50gp for curing the herd
  • Recondition a barrel of rusty metal tools, about 50 of ’em. 20gp when completed.


  • Learn ballroom dancing – 24 hour class, 24 hours practice. 10gp plus 2gp for shoes. Advanced class in modern dance available.
  • Modern Dance – Class – 24 hours 24 gp. Kit 3gp. Practice 24 hours
  • Learn Birdwatching – 40 hours class, 80 hours practice. 2gp for class, 3gp for two books. Spyglass is also available, but not required, for 750gp
  • Learn Basic First Aid – 24 hour class, no practice time. 6gp 2sp for class, Medical Kit and Book 7gp, 3cp required. Advanced Lifesaving class, 48 hours classroom, 48 hours practice in hospital, combat unit or the like. 15gp cost for the class, 15gp for the kit.
  • Never get lost! Learn Orienteering – 8 hour class, 2gp. Orienteering Kit (Map, map case, marker, ruler and compass) required 25gp. Then complete 5 orienteering courses successfully, 1gp per course. Courses are timed.
  • Edible plants – Learn to identify and safely prepare edible plants, and identify poisonous plants. 24 hour class, 7gp 6sp. Edible plants kit required (book, small knife, small scissors, mess kit, small trowel, flint and steel) 3gp. Advanced classes, foraging available in three terrain types available (agricultural, swamp and bog available).
  • Former Confederations Games Mitheral Medal winner in the sling competition Yancel Sangbest is offering to teach you his secrets! Basic sling – 24 hour class, 10gp, basic kit 4gp, practice 48 hours. Advanced class, pole sling, 32 hour class 20gp, kit 40gp, 96 hours practice.
  • Tracking – Class, 40 hours, 15gp. Kit – 20gp. Practice – complete 10 courses of various lengths following different prey, timed. 2gp per course.


  • “Is it Hot in Here?” (romance)
  • “A Short History of the Gnome of Barrowdown”
  • “The Politics of Feudalism”
  • “The Structure of the Confederation of Galismar”
  • “Basic Knitting For Dummies”
  • “The Anatomy of Horses, Mules, and Donkeys”
  • “A Killing in a Small Town” (mystery)
  • “Clerics and Their Domaines”
  • “Alegion Locks, A Reference Guide”
  • “Blossoms in the Field” (Poetry)”
  • “Beginning Goblin” (language primer)
  • “War of the Roses” (fiction)
  • “Fun with Dick and Jane” (childrens)
  • “See Spot Run” (childrens)
  • “Magnets and Their Uses”
  • “Bookbinding 101”
  • “Flowers and Fauna in the Bogs”
  • “For Whom the Bell Tolls” (fiction)
  • “Alligators”
  • “Highland Clans”
  • “The Power of Forgiveness”
  • “Troglodytes and Bullywugs, Scourges of the Swamp”
  • “24 Useful Alchemical Formulas”
  • “Vindalas Brightblossom: Firbolg, Druid, Mother”


  • Work in the New Burn Free Clinic – 8 hours per day
  • Finish New Burn Community Root Cellar – 8 hours per day, up to 100 days


OOLITIC DRINK AND FILL UP, MELLIS MASTERS, MALE HALFLING, OWNER – All Player Handbook Items Available at Handbook prices

  • Honey – 2sp/pint
  • 10′ fine copper wire – 2gp
  • Magnifying Glass – 100gp
  • Stew Starter – 1sp (makes 1 gallon of stew, you have to add meat)
  • Tomato sauce – 5cp/pint
  • 1# of graphite in flask – 125gp
  • Finest quality lock picks – 475gp
  • SOLD Magnet on a flexible wire – 90gp
  • Finest Quality Calligraphy Set – 975gp
  • 25 each 50# bags of Berle Horse Feed – 5gp each (+2hp and removal of 1 condition)
  • 17 each bags Pumpkin Spice Tea – 1gp (10 servings) (+1hp and 1 first level spell slot consuming cup on short rest)
  • 2 pints of triple filtered honey – 10gp each
  • 2 jars of Henry’s Hoofed Beast Miracle Salve – 2gp each
  • 100 small to tiny finely machined gears in a pouch – 75gp
  • Folding shovel – 5gp
  • Fine quality spear – 600gp
  • 2 each healing potions (2d4+2) – 51gp each
  • 3 each antidotes – 70gp each (cures one poison)
  • 2 each vial of acid – 90gp (2d4+2 damage, or dissolve 3 cubic inches of metal)
  • 7 each +1 arrows 9gp each
  • 4 each shock arrows – 15gp each (1d4 lightning damage, 2d20 if in metal armor, except adamantite armor)
  • 1 each +2 arrow 72gp
  • 9 each +1 crossbow bolts – 7gp each
  • 1 each thunder crossbow bolt – 20gp (+1d12 thunder damage)
  • 18 each +1 shot – 7 each, 110gp for the lot
  • 2 each fire shot – 30gp each
  • 1 each +3 shot – 1941gp
  • 11 each +1 atlatl darts – 12gp each, 110 for the lot
  • 1 each swarm atlatl dart – 61gp
  • +1 trident – 6150gp
  • Book – “Birdwatching”
  • Book – “Honey, the Perfect Food”
  • Book – “Living on the Tundra”
  • Book – “Ice Fishing for Idiots”


Boots, shoes, sandals all fine quality at double the price.

Boots of the Surefooted – 7200gp The boots bestow the wearer with the following:

  • Adds 5′ of movement
  • Adds +1 to armor class
  • Dancing proficiency and advantage
  • Advantage and proficiency to balance checks


If it is made of canvas, Burt makes it. Sails, tents, flies, tarps, ground cloths, rain catchers, collapsible buckets and more.


  • Construct a 3′ wall along the road through the village – 10gp per day, 8 days (masonry skill needed)
  • Repair pumps in tomato sauce storage tanks – 50gp (tinkerer skill needed)
  • Re-excavate drainage ditch along road – 5gp per day, 3 days
  • Unload monthly coal shipment – 5gp per day, day
  • Bind 3 journals into a book – 10gp (bookbinding skill needed)


  • Armor Maintenance – Class 40 hours, 5gp. Kit 4gp. Practice – Recondition 20 pieces of armor
  • Drawing – Class 64 hours, 30gp. Kit 12gp. Practice – 20 hours
  • Debating – Class 80 hours, 80gp. Kit 2gp. Practice – none


  • “The Arborist”
  • “Triage”
  • “Calligraphy For Magical Scrolls”
  • “The Med” (Naval Fiction)
  • “He Did It, Understanding Child Psychology”
  • “The Hot Tub” (Romance)
  • “No Trump, Basic Bridge Skills”
  • “24 Uses for Grain Alcohol”
  • “Growing Grapes for Wine”
  • “The Halflings of Hobbiton”
  • “The Color Palate”
  • “The Grapes of Wrath” (Fiction)
  • “Itzak’s Guide to Paper”
  • “The Road Not Taken” (Philosophy)
  • “The Metallurgical Properities of Copper, Silver, Gold, Iron, Brass and Bronze”
  • “Inks”
  • “A Comparative Study of Various Threads”
  • “The Onion Field” (Murder Mystery)
  • “The Basics of Investigation”
  • “Watermelon Seeds” (Children’s)
  • “The Three P’s, Patience, Persistence, Planning; The Key to Perfect Performance”
  • “Life in the Shadows, the Life Story of Mulligan Dillias, Master Thief”
  • “The Acids of Citrus Fruits”


  • Temple to Eldar – Needs new outhouse pit dug, outhouse moved, old pit filled in – 16 hours
  • Elderly Widow – Needs roof repaired – 4 hours


TRADING POST, TALOS SALEN, MALE DWARF, MANAGER – all Player Handbook Items at book price available

  • Gator Jerky – 1sp per pound
  • Fresh Crawdads – 1sp per pound
  • Gator Meat, Raw – 1cp per pound
  • Frog Legs – 5cp per pound
  • Gator Tooth Necklace – 2gp
  • Gator Boots – 25gp
  • Gator Boots – Finest Quality – 350gp
  • Gator Belt – 3gp
  • Gator Studded Leather – 60gp
  • Frog Gigger, Collapsible – 10gp
  • Gator Gut Thread, Spool 20′ – 1gp
  • Gator Pouches – 5gp
  • Gator Bracers – 5gp
  • Gator Bracers, Finer Quality 275gp
  • 8 Potion of Healing (2d4+2) – 50gp
  • SOLD 27 +1 arrows – 7gp each, 175gp lot
  • 3 swarm arrows – 50gp each (turns into 1d6 arrows, minimum of 2)
  • 14 +1 quarrels – 7gp each, 90gp lot
  • 6 goose quarrels – 5gp each (+2 damage)
  • 6 fire quarrels – 30gp each (+1d10 fire damage)
  • 3 +1 shot – 6gp each
  • 2 holy shot – 10gp each (+2d8 to undead)
  • 7 smoke shot – 5gp each (disadvantage to ranged attacks, in and out)
  • 11 +1 atlatl darts – 12gp each, 120 for lot
  • 4 ice atlatl darts – 20gp each (2d4 ice damage)
  • 1 lightning atlatl dart – 750gp (8d8 lightning damage along flight path 5′ wide)
  • 6 +1 darts – 5gp each
  • +1 hand axe – 4500gp


  • Repair telescope – 50gp (tinkering skill needed)
  • Dig new well – 15gp (8 hours labor)
  • COMPLETED Repair dress uniform – 10gp (tailor skill needed)
  • COMPLETED Child had disease beyond clerics skill here – 27gp, 7sp
  • Repair crane on road crew, to north – 200gp (requires tinkerer skill and strength)
  • COMPLETED Remove curse on talking chicken – 200gp
  • Unload barges – 5gp/8 hours, ongoing
  • COMPLETED Unlock chest – 5gp, +10% of what is in chest
  • Repair rip rap around base of compound – 5gp/8 hours, ongoing
  • Make Certificate – 20gp (calligraphy skill needed)
  • Blacksmith in stables – 6gp/8 hours, ongoing
  • COMPLETED Teach my daughter pan flute – 100gp when she can play two songs well
  • Identify the following items – shield, leather armor, flail, wand, 120gp each


  • Tanning – Class 60 hours. 30gp. Kit 12gp. Practice – tan 12 skins
  • Leatherwork – Class 24 hours, 7gp. Kit 6gp. Practice – craft 3 items (belts, pouches etc)
  • Make Hide and Leather Armor – Class 80 hours, 40gp. Kit 9gp. Practice – Make 1 hide or leather armor
  • Swamp Survival – Class 40 hours, 15gp. Kit 4gp. Practice – Survive in the swamp for 5 days
  • Creole Cooking – Class 36 hours, 36gp. Kit 15gp. Practice cook 6 meals


  • “The Art of Camouflage”
  • “Basic Geology”
  • “History of the Swamp Races”
  • “Small Unit Tactics”
  • “Weapons Maintenance”
  • “Bigby: Wizard Extraordinaire”
  • “Chemistry 101”
  • “Travels With Charlie” – Memoir
  • “The Anatomy of Boars, Swine, Hogs, and Pigs”
  • “Frog Hunter, the Life and Times of Ustes Clay”
  • “I Want That” – Romance
  • “A Cleric, Druid and a Lizard Folk Walk into a Bar” – Joke Book
  • “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” – Play
  • “The Wrath of Khan” – Fiction
  • “Trademark Law”
  • “The Goliaths, A History”
  • “Herbalism, A Guide to Natural Healing”
  • “The Chemical and Electrical Properties of Crystals”
  • “Winter Knight” – Fiction
  • “The History of Geat”
  • “The Mouse and the Wagon” – Childrens
  • “He Rode Into My Life” – Romance
  • “The Making of a Cult”
  • “Field First Aid”
  • “Garnets, Twelve Games”
  • “The Complete Cavalier”
  • “History of the Axe”
  • “Bamboo, the Miracle Plant”
  • “The Knight, the Dwarf, and the Witch” – Fiction
  • “Stormbringer” – Fiction


  • Swamper family lost husband, needs fire wood cut, 4 hours
  • Swamper elderly lady, needs roof patched, 2 hours, fire wood cut 4 hours


Darshan and a group of like aged teens were sent to a “master” to learn a refinement of combat. He describes in detail the journey, and how frustrating it was. Time and again they became lost, could not decipher the map. A three day journey took 14 weeks.

They finally arrived at the cavern of the “combat master”. There resided an ancient dwarven grandmother, and her three daughters and six granddaughters. The group was outraged. “Where is the great combat master?” they demanded. They screamed and ranted and raved, while the grandmother sat patiently with her small family, talking and ignoring them. “We lost a member of the team to a fall off a narrow path, we starved, nearly died of thirst.” They were hurt, covered with cuts and contusions from falling, and later from fighting each other at first for leadership, then for food and water. Their armor and clothing were in tatters, their weapons, dull, dented, rusted, and their spirits beaten down. The women gave them food, water and supplies with which to patch themselves up. Eventually, the group went to sleep.

Sometime later, they awoke to the women singing a dwarven lullaby. At first they did not pay attention, they started raging against the women again. Finally, one of the females in our group stopped, got a curious look on her face, and started laughing. She laughed so hard, she fell over. “We thought she had gone mad…all the while, the women sang this incessant child’s song. We accused them of poisoning the food, charming us in some way.” Finally, the laughing female said, “Listen to the lullaby”. “We were sure she had gone insane, its just a lullaby mothers sing to their babies. And slowly it dawned on us. I was the last it dawned on, as I was the most confident, hard headed, kick ass and take names type.” The lulalby is about being patient, all things will come to you little one. Be patient, listen to your elders, and the world will be laid out before you.

“And we hadn’t…listened…at…all. The map and letter had instructions on what to take with us on the trip, we didn’t pay attention, because we didn’t need a month’s worth of rations for a 3 day trip. We didn’t follow the map, because we came to a tight fit for us, forcing us to crawl, according to the map, for 6 hours. So we took the path that ran parallel to it, and became lost. Then, instead of retracing our steps, I counseled to forge ahead.”

At that time, the ancient grandmother and her family revealed their true selves, the Ten Maidens of Battle. The “grandmother” told us we were useless if we could not follow a map, follow orders. We could be eliminated by the elves without them taking up a sword, just by letting us be stupid. We countered with threats, “Try our mettle old women. We do our talking with our weapons and aggressiveness.” The maidens then took out short pieces of rope and started fighting us with just rope as weapons. The maidens worked as a team, letting us charge, screaming curses, while they patiently let us wear ourselves out, then whipped us with the ropes, disarming us and beating us down. The Maidens made short work of us. We were humiliated, strong young dwarves, who knew better than their elders, crushed by unarmored old women with pieces of ROPE! They sent us on our way, and said, “Come back when you have discipline. We have retrieved the body of your fallen comrade. Carry him back and explain to his parents why he died. Leave us.”

“I took the burden upon myself to carry the body, as my arrogance caused this. I KNEW BETTER than the old goats that taught us. I was wrong. I met with his parents when we arrived back in three days (we followed the map) and took the blame. I begged forgiveness. They forgave me, as they had both done the same the first time they went to the “combat master”. And they lost half of their group. Patience and discipline are the keys to survival in combat, nay in the world.”

Unfortunately, as the wounds caused by the ropes healed, my arrogance returned. It was 20 years before I took these lessons of discipline and patience to heart. Soon I was back to my old, headstrong ways.


  • Sledge, female half orc, Wasken Certified Tattoo Artist
  • Spent 27 years in Galismar Navy
  • Shore leave on Wasken Island 2700 miles south of Saltmarsh
  • After got out of Navy, went back to Wasken and trained for 13 years under Wasken Shaman to become Wasken Tattoo Artist
  • Then sailed to Outland, worked her way up the coast on the Great Eastern Way, met a woman in Saltmarsh and stayed, set up shop in the bazaar
  • Standard Tattoos cost 5gp
  • Wasken Tattoos, you bring in specified value of powdered gem or pearl, she mixes with special ink and specific pattern to create magical tattoo, can take attributes over 20 if at 20 already. Can only do one tattoo per attribute


+1 strength ruby 2500gp 1000gp

+1 dexterity emerald 2500gp 1000gp

+1constitution diamond 2500gp 1000gp

+1 intelligence topaz 2500gp 1000gp

+1 wisdom garnet 2500gp 1000gp

+1 chrisma sapphire 2500gp 1000gp

resistant to fire fire opal 7500gp 1000gp

resistant to lightning quartz 7500gp 1000gp

resistant to cold aquamarine 7500gp 1000gp

+1 to dc bronze pearl 10000gp 1500gp