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The DC Museum Gamers have been busy in the month of May!

First, we held our inaugural monthly game day on Saturday, May 3rd. Overall a good time, and a success as we added a new gamer to our little group.

Attendees – Seven. Four Staffers and 3 Visitors
Of the three visitors, we had a returning gamer from TableTop Day, an new gamer and me.

Number of Games Played – Six games played a total of eight times

Activity per Gamer – 5.3   44 total plays played by a total of 7 gamers.

Games Played –
Zombie Dice
Timeline Cinema
Timeline Inventions
Timeline Historical Events

New Games Introduced to the Group –
Timeline Cinema

Overall a good showing!  Each new gamer added is a big win!

The DC Museum Gamers also participated in the Washington Rail Fest and History Fest on Friday and Saturday, May 16 and 17, 2014. Obviously the festival is focused on the railroad heritage in Washington, Indiana. DC Museum Gamers had five different Rail Road themed games set up on the second floor of the museum. Over the two days, we fielded several questions about the games, and managed to get in a few games.

Attendees – Well over a hundred visitors to the museum (final numbers are not in), but two staffers and two visitors played games

Number of Games Played – Two games played a total of four times

Activity per Gamer – 2.3    Eleven total plays played by a total of four different gamers

Games Displayed –
Ticket to Ride
Baltimore and Ohio
Trains and Stations
Empire Express

Games Played –
Baltimore and Ohio

While the two days were not a raging success, you have to keep doing outreach to lure in new gamers. Plus we got in a few games!

Next up, some of the DC Museum gamers have been attending Board Game Night at Legends in Vincennes, Indiana.  Currently, we have three of the Museum gamers attending the weekly event at Legends.  I will post a separate update about Legend’s Board Game Night in a separate post at the end of the month.

And lastly, two of your intrepid DC Museum Gamers went on the road on Friday, May 16, after the museum closed. We attended the monthly game night held by Saint Peter’s Church in Evansville, Indiana.

We played Timeline Diversity twice, and got to playtest a new game currently on Kickstarter, Evolution. Both of us liked Evolution very much, I came home and pledged to the Kickstart that night.

Evolution is a card based game in which you build different species of animals with different attributes, such as long neck, carnivore, burrowing, tree climbing, scavenger, etc. Each round, you can start new species, add attributes to your current species, up to three, and feed your animals. Again, I enjoyed the game very much. My only knock on the game is that it takes up A LOT of table space. But hopefully a design change will be made to the cards, which would reduce the space taken up by about 50%.

Evolution is, as of this writing, on Kickstarter, and is fully funded. The game is being published by North Star Games, the fine folks who bring you Wits and Wagers and Say Anything, among other games.

So, as I said earlier, a busy month!

If any of these events sound like a good time to you, (I know I have fun!), make plans to attend:

DC Museum Gamers Game Day – Held the first Saturday of each month from noon to 5 at the Daviess County Museum, 212 Main Street, Washington, Indiana 47501.  For further information contact the Daviess County Museum at 812-257-0301, or contact via e-mail at

Saint Peter’s Monthly Game Night – Held the third Friday of each month at Saint Peter’s Church in Evansville, Indiana.

Saint Peter’s (Highland) UCC
7014 Darmstadt Road,
Evansville, IN 47710
Phone: 812-867-5271

Legends Board Game Night, held weekly on Wednesday’s from 5pm till 9pm.    Legends Family and Hobby Games  314 N. Harrison St., Vincennes, Indiana 47591  Phone 812-255-0574                              

Jeff Chattin

Great Gaming Gang!


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