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The DC Museum Gaming Group ended 2014 as a good first year. Initially Ken Graber decided to host an International TableTop Day event at the museum, and that got the ball rolling.

TableTop Day was a success: 20 gamers participated, playing 13 different games a total of twenty five times. A decision was made by the Director of the Museum, Vince Sellers, to hold a Museum Game Day once a month. From that decision, DC Museum Gamers Group was born.

In 2014, we have grown to include the following:

-Five regular gamers that attend our regular events
-A total of 34 different gamers have attended DC Museum events
-A Monthly Daviess County Museum Game Day, held on the first
Saturday of the month from noon to 5pm
-A weekly DC Museum Gamers Game Night, held every
Wednesday Night from 5pm – 10pm
-A Monthly Friday Night Games, held on a different Friday night
each month, from 7pm – 11pm, focusing card and board
games new to the group
-Played 125 different games during 2014
-Held 52 different gaming events at the Museum
-Several members attend seven Saint Peter’s Game Nights, at Saint Peter’s Church in Evansville, Indiana
-Participated In the Extra Life Event, a fundraiser for the
Children’s Miracle Network benefitting Riley’s Hospital for

We have several ideas to usher in the new year, including an EPIC Game Day, a day to play those long games that take too long to play on our regular game nights. We also are planning some outreach, visiting local business such as coffee shops and out of town game stores.

Its been a great beginning and I look forward to more great things for the DC Gamers in 2015!

Jeff Chattin

Great Gaming Gang!


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