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Month: March 2019

Tristan’s Sermon

“Denizens of Galismar; we gather today, not to mourn the passing of our fellow folk, but to celebrate the lives they lived. To honor the sacrifices they made to preserve our way of life….the people of Vegas did not choose to become the epicenter of this great catastrophe, it was through a series of unfortunate circumstances that led us to this calamitous end, but those self same circumstances showed the enemies of the light just how strong our will is.

Despite immeasurable odds we were able to secure the position of the Archdruid, and lay the body of Phlildaeus to rest. But these achievements came with a cost…a cost any of us would have paid just to lessen the burdens left on those who were remain. But fate had a different design, and the lives that were lost may never be reclaimed, never be exchanged, and from henceforth…never be forgotten.

Let this tree remain for all to see, to memorialize the people of Vegas, the warriors who fell, and the sacrifices made here in the Name of the Light.

Let any who wish to speak of the dead speak now. But let your stories be fond memories, remember them as they would wish to be remembered.

(People take turns telling stories of people who passed, anecdotes and funny tales. Feel free to insert any roleplay here)

Thank you all, know that from Talon our friends and families are smiling down on us in this moment. They hear our words and know in their hearts that we are safe.

Go forth from this place secure in the knowledge that our loved ones will forever be in our hearts and memories. Drink for them. Live because of them. Go at peace. And may Eldarr walk with you.

Summary of 3/6/2019 and Tristan’s package delivery

(Originally posted by Tristan)

For those of you who were frequenting the Bern It! Tavern During the last week you would have definitely heard the raucous party that happened on the evening of Wednesday. Gul’dan, Tristan, and Vandor had decided to go out to the place where the Oolitic caravan had been ambushed by the Kenku and hunt down their lair to try and secure the road between Vegas and New Bern. They come back with a wagon load of supplies and weapons that they had looted from an abandoned hunting lodge that had been overtaken by the Kenku and found a rather disturbing hidden room inside where several Travelers from Cobbleton, a town south of Saltmarsh, had been kidnapped and nearly starved in anticipation of their sale into slavery.

One of the items recovered was a coded book that had 241 check marks in various columns that we interpreted as counts of people that the Kenku had sold. Having rescued these people and securing the road we celebrated the night and any of you may have been there. The next morning Gul’dan and Tristan have a private conversation in the corner over breakfast after Tristan checks the job board. He takes the job to deliver a package from New Bern to Berle and seems to over prepare for the journey, buying a new set of lighter armor and a shield, getting a different horse to ride, and taking a very light amount of supplies for what would surly be a three to four day journey. He arrives back in town after a full six days at 8pm, exhausted, at the Bern It! Tavern with pieces of leather sewn into the thighs of his trousers and a silk horse blanket on the horse he borrowed from the hostler. He acts like he’s been through hell and after a short conversation with Gul’dan goes upstairs and passes out.