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Author: Will Dickey

Roleplay Summary – 05/09-14/2019

Hoo Boy…..

So…turns out that the Loggers that were murdered were actually killed when Waltz,Krethial, and Nix hunted down the horse thieves. Waltz immediately recognized the situation and decided to turn himself in to the authorities for murder.

So we contacted one of Tristan’s friends from Agincourt, Amara Gordon to advise us on how to proceed. After a few sendings back and forth we established the terms of how we should proceed. Waltz was to turn himself in to the Saltmarsh Marshal’s office in two days time. Just enough for us to travel from Seaton. Amara was going to act as Waltz’s counselor for the proceedings as we sought a pilgrimage for his crimes.

So our group saddled up and rode south to Saltmarsh once again. But, it was not as simple of a journey we hoped it would be. From the time it grew dark our group was stalked down the coastal road by a pack of wolves…highly intelligent, organized, and viscious. Every time our group attemped to stop and rest we were harassed by their ever present assaults, losing horses, hit points, spell slots and sanity. So to that end we didn’t sleep for two days.

Our group finally made Saltmarsh on the eve of the trial, battered, bloody, and beaten down. To our surprise however, the Green Dragon Inn had just installed a new heated bath house of which we took great delight and advantage.

Bathed, rested, and ready for the coming trial; Waltz surrendered his sword to Bahamut and Amara the next day as they questioned him about the events that led to the death of the Logging company. One exhaustive day later we discovered that the Loggers had indeed stolen the horse because their first had been whipped to death. They had lied about their ability to man vehicles and control horses, but that is no capital crime worthy of death.

For these crimes, Waltz was sentenced to 5 years pilgrimage. He would be required to do community service during that time, pay 12000 pieces of gold to the surviving members of the Hobgoblin’s families each year, and make a formal apology to them. Waltz was placed under Tristan’s guidance as a Justicar and was allowed to leave to serve his time.

Waltz went to go and make his very awkward and tear jerking apology to the surviving family members, all living together under one roof in a group home. The three wives and nine children are living impoverished lives in Seaton trying to navigate the cold winter without their spouses. to that end Waltz and Tristan donate food, coal, blankets and split enough wood for them to warm themselves.

With all that out of the way the group finishes their downtime and prepares to intercept the druid caravan as they arrive at Legast’s manor

Roleplay Summary – 05/08/2019

The Big Damn Heroes met with the Merchant captain Benji Frogwater to discuss the disappearance of his ship and his daughter that was aboard it. According to eye witnesses the ship was coming into port when it suddenly pitched starboard and was swept sideways quite unnaturally into the island upon which the lighthouse stands. Of course from there rumors spread like wildfire; Kraken, Sea Serpent, Sauhaugin shamans. The whole gamut of sea faring monstrosities were put to blame. So, it was up to us. Find out what actually happened to the ship, recover the crew (including Benji’s daughter), the cargo, and stop it from happening again.

To that end, we met with the only captain willing to risk their ship in these dark winter waters, Shiela Coppertree. She sailed us our group out into the cape where, similar to what happened to the first boat, the ship began to pitch sideways as a mighty wave began crashing into it. We surmised that it was in fact a Water Elemental, and a big one at that. Fortunately we had a pouch of Dust of Dryness that made short work of it.

We got onto the island where the lighthouse was located and saw the lighthouse master up in the top. Gul’dan put his signaling skills to use and we discovered that the Building had been overrun by Eelfolk and that the “Sea Monster” was infact a Bowl of Controlling Water Elementals. So, We did the adventurer thing. Kick in the door, stab the monsters, loot the room. This process was complicated by the inclusion of the fact that they are infact ELECTRIC Eelfolk who explode in electricity damage when slain, Eglath the Barbarian discovered that his hair could go super saiyan…which is impressive as he is bald.

As the group looted the room Verna the Rogue and Nix the Bard took a secret tunnel down into a hidden cavern beneath the Island where we found the majority of the crew members (ones that had not been sacrificed to attempt to use the Bowl as the Eelfolk did not really understand how to use it) So we kicked in the door to the room with the Bowl and found a massive Dire Eelfolk who was much more incontrol of his electricity powers. We made short work of him, rescued the crew, saved the day and moved on to figure out what happened to the murdered loggers.

Roleplay Summary – 05/05-07/2019

As the Menace of the Snow Stalkers reached a peak outside of the Orphanage at Philidaeus, The Heroes met with the most powerful folk in the land. Everybody from the Archdruid Alondra and Bahamut Lord of Good Dragons, to the Wardens of the East, the West, and the Front Lawn were in counsel to discuss the return of the Queen’s Dragoons. To finally get a chance to have their questions answered the group summoned Delaria the Archangel, Worldly Emissary of the Entities of Light in a spectacular ceremony of prayer. (During which those who prayed to the Gods were blessed with divine favor.)

Delaria revealed to the assembled heroes that the goal of the Grey was to Summon the Archdaemon Hitler to the realms of men to rend the hearts of men asunder. To achieve this goal the Agents of the Grey are sacrificing good hearted folk by the millions (6 million souls and they will achieve their goal) With a wave of her sword Delaria slew the Snow Stalker horde saving the denizens of the Light from their siege. With that the group received pins crafted in the shape of snowflakes to represent our heroism at helping with the Siege (which also function as sweet communicators) a variety of communication devices all to be of service to the Forces of Light as their eyes and ears as we travel the Great Eastern Way.

The group said tear filled goodbyes as they left Philidaeus headed on their first mission to Seaton. To deal with a supposed sea monster blockading the harbor and preventing the landing of an increased Troop presence in the southlands.So From philidaeus to new bern, Oolitic to Seaton we traveled spending time in Oolitic carousing with the locals as we had passed through several times and not stopped. We looked out on a harbor nearly devoid of activity.

The Heroes met with Benji Frogwater, a Halfling merchant from the area who’s business had taken a severe hit from the blockade. To top it off the inciting incident was actually the wrecking of a ship that had his daughter on it. The sailing vessel took a sudden sharp sideways wave and disappeared. No Sailor was willing to risk their ship to go and investigate the rocky island where the lighthouse stood Save one. The Fearless captain Shiela Coppertree had a vested interest in recovering the ship as Frogwater’s missing daughter was a close and personal friend of the Captains so she was willing to risk life and limb to ferry our heroes out to the island where the lighthouse stood.

The Journey to the island was short, but Treacherous as the “Sea Monster” turned out to be a Water Elemental kept tamed by the Keeper of the Lighthouse to protect Ships in times of stormy weather. The Lighthouse had been over run by Eel Folk who had taken control of the Bowl of Controlling Water Elementals in the basement. We dispatched our foes kicking down doors, Charming, and exploding Eel folk as we took back the Cape, Rescued the shipload of captured sailors (finding two that were rather heroic in their own right), Saved the Girl, and saved the shipping lanes.

We leave our heroes in the Tavern, weary but victorious.

Roleplay Summary – 05/02-03/2019

Summary of online role play 5/2-5/3/19

Vandor, Midnight, Verna, and Nala head to Philidaeus on the day of the party and Verna is able to make her meeting. Vandor continues on to Agincourt with his wagon train.

The rest of the group after battling with the Mercenaries on the first of the year head out to Philidaeus on the 2nd. The skies were clear and bright but by afternoon it all changed. A freak blizzard hit the Great Eastern Way like a truck and by evening travel conditions were white out level and snow was drifting 3-5’ high.

We tried pushing through but when we came across a pair of wagons stranded on the side of the road we stopped to help. Inside the wagons were six children and a baby, all slowly freezing to death. So much so the Babe was nearly unresponsive. Eglath led the charge, quickly fashioning a shelter from the larger wagon and turning the other into firewood. With the timely arrival of Lacy and the Uhlans we were able to save all the children and their father who had gone to try and find wood to burn. Sadly, their uncle succumbed to the cold, and the father lost most of his digits to frostbite.

The next day we trekked through the snow to Philidaeus, each of us trying to make the two mile hike through the snow drifts with our horses. One by one we began failing constitution checks as the bitter winter chill cut through our party like knives. But with assistance and determination we made Philidaeus at last. Under the care of Bea, Pj, and Mari we recovered from the frostbite and windburns in time to see the first of the great heroes arrive to discuss the return of the Queen’s Dragoons. Valda and Charbroil Beefcake arrived riding on a Phoenix and surprised us as they leapt off their mount and began seemingly attacking the air.

Turns out the entire orphanage and town were surrounded by imps and creatures know. As “Snow Stalkers.” And they were using the weather to stage an attack on the town. We fended off the first wave, but not before one of the constables was ice javelined and perished…the group worked together to fortify the orphanage against further assault as Bea, Pj, and Tristan cast a prayer of healing on those injured. While the 10 minute spell was being cast, the channeling of those divine energies left a conduit open. Tristan, Pj, Bea, and Waltz all had visions of Their gods speak to them about the temptations of the Grey. Waltz received a token from Tymorma, a copper coin, that literally fell from the sky and hit him like a sack of bricks laying him out.

We leave the heroes hunkered down, riding out the night and trying once again not to die. as more and more forces of Light arrive for the meeting we set up with Lady Othal….and then the dragons land.

(Jeff wants everyone to try and schedule a time to roleplay this section out on Discord before Wednesday. If you want to be a part of it please post your availability as a
Comment below.)

Roleplay Summary – 05/01/2019

The group wakes from partying very late in the day. During the night Gul’dan and Tristan were assaulted by nightmarish visions similar to those experienced in Philidaeus so many weeks ago. While eating an evening repast, Bea receives a sending from Mari Runi (the Handler for Philidaeus) saying that her oldest daughter Melody is in a coma. Bea, Lacy, and the Wardens all fly out to Philidaeus as the rest of the group saddle up to ride out and are ambushed by Ned Shankshaft (the person we “saved” from Legast’s home) and a group of mercenaries. Ned tells the group “You’ve meddled in Saltmarsh with forces beyond your ken.” (sic)

We try to get them to back down, but Eglath decides that the best offense is offense and rushes the group, Eglath takes a series of blows from the mercs and Gul’dan prevents a sleep spell on our group with counterspell. Nix banes the group and Krethial and Gul’dan unleash spells. Tristan wades in to Ned as their wizard fireballs the group dealing a huge amount of damage. We regroup slightly as Krethial and Gul’dan sling more spells as Ned narrowly avoids having his head staved in by Tristan. We dispatch the group eventually and Tristan attempts to arrest Ned who decides to try and run and continue to kill Tristan as he does so.

But the group was suddenly out matched. A group of the Queen’s 9th dragoon guards led by a hulking figure clad in blue and red astride a coal black charger teleported into New Bern just to gather up the bodies of the Mercenaries. Tristan called out a name to them “Valerian Morehead” The name of the lone survivor who hunted down their company thousands of years ago. The Massive rider gets off of his horse and strides the distance to stand toe to toe with the group. he says in a basso rumble. “Make your Jests, You will all be with the Grey soon.” and turns on his heel and leaves with his group.

The group heaves a sigh of relief and decides to head out in the morning to Philidaeus. But before we could leave we receive a runner from Bucks with a message “You need to come look at this.” Turns out our wagon was bugged…all of the wagons were bugged. They have been following our group spying on us. We make a Sending to Lady Carwyn Othal asking for guidance and she agrees to meet our group in Berle in Three days time.

Roleplay Summary – 04/30/2019

The Big Damn Heroes were invited to a variety of New year’s parties to celebrate the turning of the wheel. Some of the group (Eglath and Waltz) went to a party with Buck (of Buck’s carpentry) While the rest went to the Party hosted by Chella Denton.

The whole group partied the night away with a few nice surprises which included: Gul’dan giving an incredibly thoughtful gift to Chella (endearing himself to her) Krethial eating his Wheaties. Nix jamming with a bard group and politely blue balling the lead singer, Eglath and Waltz dancing with Buck’s wife, Waltz and Eglath getting krunk, and the whole cadre meeting the Wardens of the East and promising a breakfast meeting in two days.

Also the entire party was an elaborate trap set by a coven of 1567 year old witches as a plot to suck the life force from young virile men. the ensuing chaos killed the entire group. tpkgnp.(at least that’s what Gul’dan thinks 😉 )

Roleplay Summary – 04/29/2019

Summary of Online Roleplay 4/29/19

The group finally saddled up to move north (🎉 bout damn time 🎉)

Vandor showed up at the last minute with a caravan of 5 wagons of merchants pushing our wagon train total to nine! (😱) So we set out for New Bern with Lacy Bandin and the Merchants in tow.

Right before we hit the Swamp between Saltmarsh and Celtic we met a pair travelers from the far away island chain of Nippon (👹they might just be monks or ninjas) and offered to escort them forward to Celtic. The road was surprisingly safe, and we made Celtic by nightfall. While we stayed at Celtic, Waltz got a sweet minor upgrade to his armor swapping out all the leather bits with Aligator Leather (🐊)

We pushed through Oolitic to New Bern in a grueling 16 hour trek making it to New Bern under cover of darkness. Upon reaching the town we discovered that the Party that Gul’dan, Krethial and Lacy were invited to was apparently a huge affair with party goers taking up every room in the tavern.

The majority group went to stay at the Pecan farm ran by Valastin Vega, an associate of Vandor, while Krethial and Tristan (who are with two very smart and forward thinking ladies) were able to stay in the tavern to enjoy the company of their respective paramours. *Insert fade to black moment here*

Upon the morning Tristan went to go and speak with Buck (Of Buck’s carpentry) about retrofitting the wagon with all the necessary components to contain the magic to enchant the wagon with a Mordenkainen’s Magnificent Mansion spell permanently. The most costly component in both time and coin from his end will be the Adamantine door knob valued at 10,500 pieces of gold! (💵) After dealing with Buck, The heroes were invited to join the crew of Buck’s carpentry for an end of year party.

While this was happening Gul’dan, Krethial, Bea (Tristan’s date) and Lacy all prepared them selves for a New Year’s party that was sure to be one to remember. And tonight we pick up with the Big Damn Heroes as they ring out their first year together and begin fresh in the next.

(We’re planning on finishing the party portion of this section tonight on discord and move on from there in preparation for table time on Wednesday)

Roleplay Summary – 04/23-26/2019

Summary of Online Roleplay 4/23, 4/25, 4/26

4/23: the group returns to make Legast’s home safe for Misty to inherit. Dianne and Lacy Bandin dispelled the two fear spells and discovered that they were tied to very high level evocation spells designed to trigger when an attempt to dispel them was made.

Moving To Legast’s laboratory we had the Bandin’s preserve the journal and found underneath it a gnomish text titled “ye olde secrets of ye olde philosophers stone.” With a scroll of Speak with Dead we learned several of Legast’s secrets and laid the body to rest. (See transcript of Legast’s final words in the game notes file on the google drive soon as I get it finished) We ascertained from these conversations that the stone tables in the cavern were used for alchemical experimentations that were deemed too dangerous for the lab.

We used the information Legast gave us to find all of the hidden treasures in the home. While exploring and clearing the upstairs we found in one of the rooms a curious series of scratch marks on one of the window sills. Further inspection and deduction led us to ascertain that it was the room from which the Smugglers signaled the incoming boats to drop off contraband and pick up Slaves to take to the south lands.

We took all the items back to town and interrogated our stool pigeon who informed us that the Smugglers would arrive at the dark of the New moon and that three days before hand a Druid would be bringing a group of slaves from the direction of Seaton using Pass without Trace and Silence spells to cover his tracks and keep the prisoners quiet.

We used the next two days to wrap up the loose ends in the town.

First at Table time we dealt with the lights on 4/24 (see previous summary post)

Tristan spoke with Misty Malan (the blind girl who was slated to be the alchemist’s apprentice) and revealed to her that Legast had left the property and all his notes and journals in her name with a legal and binding Last Will. She asked to be shown the house and to have a carpenter do an estimate on repairs. While revisiting the house for the final time it revealed one final secret. A hidden door in the Laboratory beyond which was a much larger workspace and even more reagents and books all labeled and translated into Braille (😱).

Misty was overcome with emotions and decided that she would work with Legast’s brother and become an apprentice alchemist (🎉) she asked for the alchemical supplies and the golden rose be returned to her and in exchange we can keep all the other loot we found. Including the gold human skull! (💰)

After a heart to heart about relationships Misty and Tristan parted ways in time to meet with Nix, Sheriff Raylen Givins and Deputy Robin to go out and examine the Ogre’s cavern and corpses. Sadly the farmers had burned the bodies leaving no evidence, and we are currently exploring the cave once more.

The rest of the messages between the group have been about how to spend the next 26 days of downtime, as that is how long we have until the next New Moon. The consensus is to travel back to Philidaeus and Berle to tie up some loose ends, get some more specialized training for our members, and to upgrade the Big Wagon Of Heroism with all the components necessary to get it enchanted.

(I think that’s everything. If I missed a spot make a comment below)

Roleplay Summary – 04/24/2019

Our group went over the magical items we found in Legast’s Laboratory. While Dianne was identifying items Nix shows the group a selection of scrolls she found inside of her wagon when she was getting it renovated. One of these scrolls was a list of names and gold values we assume is a hit list as some of the names have been crossed off. We inform the Sheriff of the list and proceed to go and deal with the lights in the swamp

The Heroes meet Barney Rubble the farmer who informs us about the mysterious lights around his farm. The lights are several different colors and keep getting closer to the house and barn threatening their peace.

The group split, sending the small sneaky ones into the Swamp to attempt to find clues, while the big dumb tanky ones checked out the area of the farm. no one found anything exciting except the eerie absence of noises.

We waited for darkness to fall and discovered that the lights were in fact Will-o’-wisps who were attempting to feed on the fear they were causing the farmers. The Heroes engaged them and discovered quickly that will-o’-wisps can turn invisible at will. After a few rounds of combat we cut down the majority of the Will-o’-wisps leaving one running away.

Midnight, Verna, and Nala all attempted to chase down the fleeing enemy and discovered the Will-o’-wisps plan was infact To run the group straight into an ambush of Bullywugs hoping that they could feast on the death they wrought.

So, with a well placed flame wave from Krethial, and a few more rounds of combat the 18 Bullywugs eventually fell. We looted their warrens, and told Barney to call us if the Will-o’Wisp returned. He gave our group the reward money and we met back at the tavern to discuss our next move

Roleplay Summary – 04/22/2019

Jeff informed is that we have already acquired the ruined boat belonging to the wizard who died teleporting the Chupacabra away. So we need to decide if we are gonna sell it, flip it then sell it, or repair it and have a boat if we do nothing it rots and we lose a resource.

Will got very excited to do a bit of provision shopping before we all headed out to Legast’s Manor again but promptly passed out when he got home from work.

Nix, Krethial, and Waltz told us about what happened with the Horse finding and Tristan suggested that the group needs to communicate more. We may be Big Damn Heroes….but we aren’t invulnerable.

Tristan used all his downtime becoming certified in the Atlatl, rowing, sign language, maintenance of hoofed animals and practicing Alchemy.

We determined that everybody in one month, has 160 hours for jobs, 144 hours of “down from downtime aka rnr time” (reading, conversing, practicing skills etc), and 128 hours of ADVENTURE TIME!

So if you want to read books you can use the RNR time to do so…or ignore the knowledge simply waiting for you.