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  • Dried fruits – 1gp/pound apples, pears, peaches, prunes, raisins
  • Mixed shelled nuts – 3gp/pound
  • Gourds – 1gp/10 pounds
  • Gorp – 1gp 5sp per pound (mixed nuts, dried fruit, granola)
  • SOLD 1 Alegion Key – 750gp
  • 4 Henry’s Hoofed Beast Miracle Salve – 3gp each
  • 2 each 50# bags Berle Special Horse Feed, 25 servings – 7gp each (+2hp, eliminate 1 condition)
  • 1 spool gator gut thread, 20′ – 3gp
  • 2 each Berle Firestarter pouch – 7gp each
  • Pouch of 7 various size rare earth magnets – 315gp
  • 2 each pints of pure, triple filtered grain alcohol – 12gp each
  • 3 each Healing potions – 55gp each (2d4+2)
  • 1 each Supreme healing potion – 990gp (10d4+20)
  • 1 each potion of invisibility – 250gp
  • 10 bronze arrows – 2gp for the lot
  • 14 silver arrows – 5gp 5cp for the lot
  • 3 each +1 arrows – 12gp each
  • 17 bronze crossbow bolts – 5gp 7sp for the lot
  • 6 silver crossbow bolts – 1gp
  • 9 each +1 crossbow bolts – 12gp each
  • 22 bronze shot – 3gp for the lot
  • 3 each +1 shot – 11gp each
  • 2 shot of impact – 14gp each (+2d12 force damage)
  • 17 each +1 atlatl darts – 15gp each, 225gp for the lot
  • 1 each atlatl dart of stunning – 475gp (dc 16 constitution saving throw stunned 2 rounds, 1 round on save)
  • Fine quality Tetsubo – 1125gp (+1 to damage, can be magiked)
  • +1 staff – 4750gp
  • 4 each +1 javelins 2300gp each – 8500gp for the lot
  • Book – “Navigation; A Primer” 5gp
  • Book – “That’s a Big One!” (romance) 2gp
  • Book – “Fire Mages and Their Skills” 3gp
  • SOLD Book – “Dwarven Clans in Galismar” 4gp


  • Furniture such as desks, tables, chairs, chests, cabinets, bookcases
  • Wagons and carts of all descriptions, from human pulled cart to cargo wagons to stagecoach to chuck wagon to fine carriages.
  • Wagon supplies such as barrels, casks, wheels, axles, etc
  • Collapsible stools, buckets, shovels, picks, rain catchers
  • Special of the month – two horse, two person war chariot, armored, with javelin and arrow holders – 225gp


  • Nightwatch at New Bern Wagon Storage Facility – 3gp 4sp 8 hour shift
  • Unload and spread gravel on New Bern roads – 3gp per day
  • Unload road salt shipment – 4gp
  • Make up posters, 24, for upcoming auction – 24gp (calligraphy skill needed)
  • Speech coach needed – 22gp
  • Repair/recondition 7 block and tackle sets – 3gp each, see Buck’s Carpentry (tinkerer skill needed)
  • Preventative maintenance on two storage silo apparatus – 25gp each (tinkerer skill needed)
  • Someone to write 6 letters in Celestial – 5gp each (must speak celestial and have calligraphy skill)
  • Work in stables smithy – 6gp 5sp per day (smith skill needed)
  • Stable hand – 3gp per day (Hoofed Animal Maintenance Skill needed)
  • 22 hides that need tanned – 3gp each (tanner’s skill needed)
  • Recondition a suit of plate – 25gp (armorer maintenance skill needed)
  • My goats are sick – 50gp for curing the herd
  • Recondition a barrel of rusty metal tools, about 50 of ’em. 20gp when completed.


  • Learn ballroom dancing – 24 hour class, 24 hours practice. 10gp plus 2gp for shoes. Advanced class in modern dance available.
  • Modern Dance – Class – 24 hours 24 gp. Kit 3gp. Practice 24 hours
  • Learn Birdwatching – 40 hours class, 80 hours practice. 2gp for class, 3gp for two books. Spyglass is also available, but not required, for 750gp
  • Learn Basic First Aid – 24 hour class, no practice time. 6gp 2sp for class, Medical Kit and Book 7gp, 3cp required. Advanced Lifesaving class, 48 hours classroom, 48 hours practice in hospital, combat unit or the like. 15gp cost for the class, 15gp for the kit.
  • Never get lost! Learn Orienteering – 8 hour class, 2gp. Orienteering Kit (Map, map case, marker, ruler and compass) required 25gp. Then complete 5 orienteering courses successfully, 1gp per course. Courses are timed.
  • Edible plants – Learn to identify and safely prepare edible plants, and identify poisonous plants. 24 hour class, 7gp 6sp. Edible plants kit required (book, small knife, small scissors, mess kit, small trowel, flint and steel) 3gp. Advanced classes, foraging available in three terrain types available (agricultural, swamp and bog available).
  • Former Confederations Games Mitheral Medal winner in the sling competition Yancel Sangbest is offering to teach you his secrets! Basic sling – 24 hour class, 10gp, basic kit 4gp, practice 48 hours. Advanced class, pole sling, 32 hour class 20gp, kit 40gp, 96 hours practice.
  • Tracking – Class, 40 hours, 15gp. Kit – 20gp. Practice – complete 10 courses of various lengths following different prey, timed. 2gp per course.


  • “Is it Hot in Here?” (romance)
  • “A Short History of the Gnome of Barrowdown”
  • “The Politics of Feudalism”
  • “The Structure of the Confederation of Galismar”
  • “Basic Knitting For Dummies”
  • “The Anatomy of Horses, Mules, and Donkeys”
  • “A Killing in a Small Town” (mystery)
  • “Clerics and Their Domaines”
  • “Alegion Locks, A Reference Guide”
  • “Blossoms in the Field” (Poetry)”
  • “Beginning Goblin” (language primer)
  • “War of the Roses” (fiction)
  • “Fun with Dick and Jane” (childrens)
  • “See Spot Run” (childrens)
  • “Magnets and Their Uses”
  • “Bookbinding 101”
  • “Flowers and Fauna in the Bogs”
  • “For Whom the Bell Tolls” (fiction)
  • “Alligators”
  • “Highland Clans”
  • “The Power of Forgiveness”
  • “Troglodytes and Bullywugs, Scourges of the Swamp”
  • “24 Useful Alchemical Formulas”
  • “Vindalas Brightblossom: Firbolg, Druid, Mother”


  • Work in the New Burn Free Clinic – 8 hours per day
  • Finish New Burn Community Root Cellar – 8 hours per day, up to 100 days


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