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Roleplay Summary – 05/05-07/2019

As the Menace of the Snow Stalkers reached a peak outside of the Orphanage at Philidaeus, The Heroes met with the most powerful folk in the land. Everybody from the Archdruid Alondra and Bahamut Lord of Good Dragons, to the Wardens of the East, the West, and the Front Lawn were in counsel to discuss the return of the Queen’s Dragoons. To finally get a chance to have their questions answered the group summoned Delaria the Archangel, Worldly Emissary of the Entities of Light in a spectacular ceremony of prayer. (During which those who prayed to the Gods were blessed with divine favor.)

Delaria revealed to the assembled heroes that the goal of the Grey was to Summon the Archdaemon Hitler to the realms of men to rend the hearts of men asunder. To achieve this goal the Agents of the Grey are sacrificing good hearted folk by the millions (6 million souls and they will achieve their goal) With a wave of her sword Delaria slew the Snow Stalker horde saving the denizens of the Light from their siege. With that the group received pins crafted in the shape of snowflakes to represent our heroism at helping with the Siege (which also function as sweet communicators) a variety of communication devices all to be of service to the Forces of Light as their eyes and ears as we travel the Great Eastern Way.

The group said tear filled goodbyes as they left Philidaeus headed on their first mission to Seaton. To deal with a supposed sea monster blockading the harbor and preventing the landing of an increased Troop presence in the southlands.So From philidaeus to new bern, Oolitic to Seaton we traveled spending time in Oolitic carousing with the locals as we had passed through several times and not stopped. We looked out on a harbor nearly devoid of activity.

The Heroes met with Benji Frogwater, a Halfling merchant from the area who’s business had taken a severe hit from the blockade. To top it off the inciting incident was actually the wrecking of a ship that had his daughter on it. The sailing vessel took a sudden sharp sideways wave and disappeared. No Sailor was willing to risk their ship to go and investigate the rocky island where the lighthouse stood Save one. The Fearless captain Shiela Coppertree had a vested interest in recovering the ship as Frogwater’s missing daughter was a close and personal friend of the Captains so she was willing to risk life and limb to ferry our heroes out to the island where the lighthouse stood.

The Journey to the island was short, but Treacherous as the “Sea Monster” turned out to be a Water Elemental kept tamed by the Keeper of the Lighthouse to protect Ships in times of stormy weather. The Lighthouse had been over run by Eel Folk who had taken control of the Bowl of Controlling Water Elementals in the basement. We dispatched our foes kicking down doors, Charming, and exploding Eel folk as we took back the Cape, Rescued the shipload of captured sailors (finding two that were rather heroic in their own right), Saved the Girl, and saved the shipping lanes.

We leave our heroes in the Tavern, weary but victorious.


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