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Roleplay Summary – 05/08/2019

The Big Damn Heroes met with the Merchant captain Benji Frogwater to discuss the disappearance of his ship and his daughter that was aboard it. According to eye witnesses the ship was coming into port when it suddenly pitched starboard and was swept sideways quite unnaturally into the island upon which the lighthouse stands. Of course from there rumors spread like wildfire; Kraken, Sea Serpent, Sauhaugin shamans. The whole gamut of sea faring monstrosities were put to blame. So, it was up to us. Find out what actually happened to the ship, recover the crew (including Benji’s daughter), the cargo, and stop it from happening again.

To that end, we met with the only captain willing to risk their ship in these dark winter waters, Shiela Coppertree. She sailed us our group out into the cape where, similar to what happened to the first boat, the ship began to pitch sideways as a mighty wave began crashing into it. We surmised that it was in fact a Water Elemental, and a big one at that. Fortunately we had a pouch of Dust of Dryness that made short work of it.

We got onto the island where the lighthouse was located and saw the lighthouse master up in the top. Gul’dan put his signaling skills to use and we discovered that the Building had been overrun by Eelfolk and that the “Sea Monster” was infact a Bowl of Controlling Water Elementals. So, We did the adventurer thing. Kick in the door, stab the monsters, loot the room. This process was complicated by the inclusion of the fact that they are infact ELECTRIC Eelfolk who explode in electricity damage when slain, Eglath the Barbarian discovered that his hair could go super saiyan…which is impressive as he is bald.

As the group looted the room Verna the Rogue and Nix the Bard took a secret tunnel down into a hidden cavern beneath the Island where we found the majority of the crew members (ones that had not been sacrificed to attempt to use the Bowl as the Eelfolk did not really understand how to use it) So we kicked in the door to the room with the Bowl and found a massive Dire Eelfolk who was much more incontrol of his electricity powers. We made short work of him, rescued the crew, saved the day and moved on to figure out what happened to the murdered loggers.


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