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Roleplay Summary – 05/09-14/2019

Hoo Boy…..

So…turns out that the Loggers that were murdered were actually killed when Waltz,Krethial, and Nix hunted down the horse thieves. Waltz immediately recognized the situation and decided to turn himself in to the authorities for murder.

So we contacted one of Tristan’s friends from Agincourt, Amara Gordon to advise us on how to proceed. After a few sendings back and forth we established the terms of how we should proceed. Waltz was to turn himself in to the Saltmarsh Marshal’s office in two days time. Just enough for us to travel from Seaton. Amara was going to act as Waltz’s counselor for the proceedings as we sought a pilgrimage for his crimes.

So our group saddled up and rode south to Saltmarsh once again. But, it was not as simple of a journey we hoped it would be. From the time it grew dark our group was stalked down the coastal road by a pack of wolves…highly intelligent, organized, and viscious. Every time our group attemped to stop and rest we were harassed by their ever present assaults, losing horses, hit points, spell slots and sanity. So to that end we didn’t sleep for two days.

Our group finally made Saltmarsh on the eve of the trial, battered, bloody, and beaten down. To our surprise however, the Green Dragon Inn had just installed a new heated bath house of which we took great delight and advantage.

Bathed, rested, and ready for the coming trial; Waltz surrendered his sword to Bahamut and Amara the next day as they questioned him about the events that led to the death of the Logging company. One exhaustive day later we discovered that the Loggers had indeed stolen the horse because their first had been whipped to death. They had lied about their ability to man vehicles and control horses, but that is no capital crime worthy of death.

For these crimes, Waltz was sentenced to 5 years pilgrimage. He would be required to do community service during that time, pay 12000 pieces of gold to the surviving members of the Hobgoblin’s families each year, and make a formal apology to them. Waltz was placed under Tristan’s guidance as a Justicar and was allowed to leave to serve his time.

Waltz went to go and make his very awkward and tear jerking apology to the surviving family members, all living together under one roof in a group home. The three wives and nine children are living impoverished lives in Seaton trying to navigate the cold winter without their spouses. to that end Waltz and Tristan donate food, coal, blankets and split enough wood for them to warm themselves.

With all that out of the way the group finishes their downtime and prepares to intercept the druid caravan as they arrive at Legast’s manor


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