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Roleplay Summary – 05/19/2019

Krethial, Waltz, and Nix decided to follow the wizard back to a cave further north of the mansion. They ran into a group of highway robbers, which Waltz convinced to let us by paying them 25g for each person. We continued on and found said cave in which the trolls were originally in. The trap was not reset so going into the cave was fairly easy. Once inside the cave though, we were immediately attacked by more slaver handlers, which were easily dispatched except for one. A sharpshooter was teasing the group of three and keeping them trapped inside the cave. Krethial sent a Sending to his girlfriend back in Saltmarsh, Lacy Bandin, for help in rescuing the slaves. She come to the rescue with her mother and Tristan in tow. Together the group got the slaves out of the cave and back to Saltmarsh as well as dispatching a few highwaymen in the process. Once back and taken care of, the slaves provided a little bit more information on the slavers. The cave in the bog between Berle and Sylus has been confirmed, the caravans they use to transport the slaves seem be enchanted by some silence spell, and the slavers are using a poison of some sort to knock out the slaves. The investigation continues as the group now takes care of the boat that should be ariving at the mansion within the next couple of days.


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