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Meet Grundak

A tall, imposing, muscular, leather-clad half-orc sits alone in a corner of the cage, hands bound over his head. He has unkempt jet-black hair and a scruffy beard, which frame his broad face. An old scar runs from his nose across his right cheek in a downward direction. For some time, none of the cage’s occupants even knew if he could speak; it was only after a brave dwarf approached and asked his name that he finally broke his silence, introducing himself as Grundak the Wild. Stoic and taciturn, he interacted very little with the other occupants, avoiding eye contact and breaking his silence only to answer their questions with short sentences and statements. From what little conversation he had with them, it was revealed that he made his living as a hunter and wilderness guide, taking jobs to aid explorers traveling the forested mountains surrounding his home in the outskirts of a nearby town. He had accepted a job to guide a pair of travelers to the next community over, but soon after leaving town, these “travelers” — slavers seeking to capture him — betrayed and attacked him. He killed one of them and almost killed the other before their compatriots arrived. After a brutal fight where he bloodied many of them, he was eventually overwhelmed and knocked unconscious. He awoke stripped of his weapons and bound in the cage where he currently sits.


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