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Fort Sackville Gaming

Initially, this blog will be a place for me to talk about gaming, and the like without cluttering up the Legends blog with non-Legends related stuff.  However, I’d like to invite some other local gamers to share their thoughts here, as well.  I know we have a few people with something to say.

One of my goals of the last year has been to build a semi-regular gaming group that can get together at least once a week and play something new, or something old.  To that end, I’ve gotten to know some great people.  I’ll be contacting many of them, and seeing if they’d like to be involved in this project.

Personally, I’ll be talking here about general gaming.  Thoughts on types of games, discussion about upcoming games for the group, etc.

I have two other places that I’ll be blogging, as well.  Legends Family and Hobby Games is where I’ll be posting about things relevant to the shop.  Events, game day reports, and the like.  Dragon Pro Studios is where I’ll be posting about my work in game design, both traditional and electronic.  If I post anything that should be noted by more than one of these places, I’ll post it where it’s most relevant, and link to the entry from one or both of the other two.

I can probably start with my post yesterday at the Legends Site, as it probably would have been more at home here.

New Year, New (and old) Games

With that, I’ll welcome you all to the new Fort Sackville Gamers site.  Hopefully, we’ll be building a small community of contributors over the next few weeks.


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