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Jason’s Board Game Collection — Introduction

2012 saw my hobby gaming focus change from RPGs and Minis to Board Gaming. I had already build a kinda insane board game collection, but in 2012, I think I about tripled it. Finding a few people who really enjoy playing those games helped, of course.

I didn’t get to play everything in my collection, but I made a very serious dent in it. In this column, I plan to talk about the games that I have played from my collection, and the ones that I really would like to over the course of the next year. I would love some feedback on each game, if you have any stories to share about them, or thoughts on if they’re worth playing, etc.

As of this writing, I have 216 board games, and 147 expansions, according to Board Game Geek. I will only be talking about the base games, but I will probably include the expansions in the discussion. Initially, I’ll work my way through the list alphabetically, but if any game strikes my fancy, I’ll get to it out of order.


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