Howdy all. Thanks to Jason I have a chance to blog about my gaming but I thought I’d introduce myself. My name is Allen and I live in Robinson, IL and I started gaming in the 70’s with D&D, SPI, and Avalon Hill wargames. I left gaming for years when I went to college (lack of money mostly) and only started picking it up again in early 2000’s. I lamented that I did not have a gaming group to play games but then I realized my 4 daughters constituted my very own gaming group. I started with Ticket to Ride and thanks to the now defunct podcast Game On!: With Cody and John, Battlestar Galactica. Not all of my girls love board games like I do but we enjoy playing them. Thanks to a chance noticing of a Nerd Day in Robinson I met Joe and Jason and the Legends crew. I’m now running over to Vincennes whenever I can to play games and enjoying Nerd Day when it comes around.  I pondered what my first game post will be and I’ve decided that it will be about my first foray into miniatures wargaming. Thanks for reading.

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