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July was another good month for Legends Board Game Group. We expanded our gaming horizons by adding entry level war games to our quiver of games, and had the highest number of unique gamers participating.

Wednesday, July 2nd
Robinson Crusoe – played twice
Sea of Iron – played three times

7 gamers participating

Wednesday, July 9
1775 – played twice

4 gamers participating

Wednesday, July 16
Zombiecide – played once

4 gamers participating

Wednesday, July 23
Zombiecide – played twice

8 gamers participating

Wednesday, July 30
Memoir 44 – played once
Cappuccino – played twice

4 gamers participating

Number of games played – 13
Number of different games played – 6
Number of different gamers participating – 9

In addition, several of the Legends Board Gamers have taken their talents on the road, participating in the DC Museum Gamers Game Day, Comic Quest Game Day, Saint Peter’s Game Night, and Nerd Day.

We are fast approaching the end of summer, local schools beginning next week and Vincennes University returning in 3 weeks. Legends is gearing up, planning several events, such as an X Wing Miniatures League, game demos, and the return of Magic Commander.  Role playing games are currently ongoing, with Rocket Age at the top of the list, so if RPG’s scratches your itch, check out Legends.

If you have a game you would like to try out but don’t have, a game you have collecting dust in the back of the closet, or just want some gaming camaraderie, join us at Legends on Wednesdays starting at 5pm.

Legends Board Game Night, held weekly on Wednesday’s from 5pm till 9pm. Legends Family and Hobby Games 314 N. Harrison St., Vincennes, Indiana 47591             Phone 812-255-0574                                             

Jeff Chattin
Great Gaming Gang!


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