July 5th found the DC Museum Gamers gaming away on the holiday weekend. New games were played, and new gamers participated. First, the stats….

Attendees – 9
New Attendees – 5

Number of Games Played – 4 games played a total of 5 times

Activity per gamer – 2.3, 20 total plays played by a total of 9 gamers

Games Played –
-1775 – twice
-Forbidden Island
-Seas of Iron
-Zombie Dice

New Games Introduced to the Group
-Seas of Iron

In other activity by the Museum Gamers

-5 participated in Board Game Night at Legends
-3 participated in Saint Peters Monthly Game Night
-3 participated in the Annual Game Day at Comic Quest
-1 attended Nerd Day in Palestine, Illinois

Future plans for DC Museum Game Day (tentative)
-August featured game is Manhattan Project
-September feature is Kids Games
-October feature is Lewis & Clark
-November feature is Smash Up
-December feature is Naval Battles

In addition, plans are being made to hold a Magic the Gathering Tournament at the October Game Day.

Come game with us on the first Saturday of the month!

DC Museum Gamers Game Day – Held the first Saturday of each month from noon to 5 at the Daviess County Museum, 212 Main Street, Washington, Indiana 47501. For further information contact the Daviess County Museum at 812-257-0301, or contact via e-mail at


Jeff Chattin

Great Gaming Gang!

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