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Nix’s Background

Originally posted by Nix

When she was just 5 years old, Nix was already aware of how her ability worked and her parents have given her her first job. Her family wants to take over an elven family of royalty for the wealth and power. Nix was groomed from birth so that she can take the place of the youngest daughter. As night falls on the day of the switch, Nix is ready to please her family. Quiet and small, Nix slips in undetected right behind her older brother who has learned to be the master of stealth. Her brother quietly incapacitated the target and Nix changed into her and took her place in the bed. Over the next few years, Nix would gather information and relay it back to her family in the middle of the night. The plan to assassinate was soon. The closer the day grew though, the more Nix was having second thoughts though. She had actually grown to like the elven family. So much that Nix had started to report back to her family less and less. One day, an entertainer had come to the family estate. The sound of laughter filled Nix’s ears and it filled her with joy. Joy that made her forget her own family. Nix loved this feeling. She started delaying the assassination by giving false information. Finally she decided to leave her elven family at the age of 15 and joined the college of bards. She learned to play many instruments and perform many talents, she got very good with her words. During one night at the college, Nix heard a bump in the night and she immediately sprang out of bed just to come face to face with a quick dagger. Her reflexes have improved to keep up with the elves and she was able to dodge the attack just in time. She couldn’t see her attacker, but she had a trick up her sleeve that she had already learned. With a wave of her hand 4 lights lit up the corners of her room just enough so that she could see it was her own mother. She had found Nix and was taking her out for treason. Nix had learned another trick that helped her though, cutting words. She simply told her mother that she was a bad parent and her mother stumbled on the next attack which gave Nix the opportunity she needed. She lunged for an attack with her own dagger but missed, catching her pendant instead and ripping it off. Scared, her mother quickly escaped leaving Nix alone. She took the pendant to a wizard that she had become friends with and he enchanted the pendant to glow if her mother was to ever get close to her again. She left the bard college and used her skills to keep on the move as best as she can. Several more years past and Nix decided she wanted to do something better with her life and decided to be an adventurer. She signed up with the handlers and was sent on her first mission. She knew she would have to face her family one day but hopefully not alone.


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