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Adventure Summary 4/3/2019

he Big Damn Heroes saved a member of a team that was sent after the missing cartography team. He informed us that his crew was captured by Hobgoblins enroute to the suspected location of the Dwarven tomb.

Through this we found our way to the suspected location where we discovered a secret door in the mountain that was locked by a sound based magical system. Nix was able to make it open at which point our group was ambushed by Troglodytes and a Dragonborn with black Scales outfitted with all magical arms and armor.

We defeated the ambushers, but the noise roused the guardian of the Tomb, a 22 foot tall Cyclops who proceeded to attempt to crush us. With good tactics and a whole lot of inspiration we defeated the beast and made our egress into the tomb.

Inside we discovered the Cartographer, who had been held captive as a snack by the Cyclops and freed him. We made a complete map of the Tomb and found a series of journals detailing the adventures and workings of this great Dwarvish hero who’s weapons had slain Tiamat herself.

We delivered the items to Lady Othel, stink bombed the tavern by being covered in Troglodyte blood, and after a celebration and goodbyes have made our way south toward New Bern.

Our group is going to commission a large wagon to assist in transporting all of our group safely from town to town, so while it is being constructed we are going to spend a week in New Bern before heading south to Saltmarsh to complete the very first
Mission we were tasked with.

Everybody has 40 hours of downtime in which to select jobs from the New Bern job board.

the next session is going to be this Sunday April 7th as a bonus session from 12:30 to 4pm. During which we will make our way to Saltmarsh.


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