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Roleplay Summary – 05/02-03/2019

Summary of online role play 5/2-5/3/19

Vandor, Midnight, Verna, and Nala head to Philidaeus on the day of the party and Verna is able to make her meeting. Vandor continues on to Agincourt with his wagon train.

The rest of the group after battling with the Mercenaries on the first of the year head out to Philidaeus on the 2nd. The skies were clear and bright but by afternoon it all changed. A freak blizzard hit the Great Eastern Way like a truck and by evening travel conditions were white out level and snow was drifting 3-5’ high.

We tried pushing through but when we came across a pair of wagons stranded on the side of the road we stopped to help. Inside the wagons were six children and a baby, all slowly freezing to death. So much so the Babe was nearly unresponsive. Eglath led the charge, quickly fashioning a shelter from the larger wagon and turning the other into firewood. With the timely arrival of Lacy and the Uhlans we were able to save all the children and their father who had gone to try and find wood to burn. Sadly, their uncle succumbed to the cold, and the father lost most of his digits to frostbite.

The next day we trekked through the snow to Philidaeus, each of us trying to make the two mile hike through the snow drifts with our horses. One by one we began failing constitution checks as the bitter winter chill cut through our party like knives. But with assistance and determination we made Philidaeus at last. Under the care of Bea, Pj, and Mari we recovered from the frostbite and windburns in time to see the first of the great heroes arrive to discuss the return of the Queen’s Dragoons. Valda and Charbroil Beefcake arrived riding on a Phoenix and surprised us as they leapt off their mount and began seemingly attacking the air.

Turns out the entire orphanage and town were surrounded by imps and creatures know. As “Snow Stalkers.” And they were using the weather to stage an attack on the town. We fended off the first wave, but not before one of the constables was ice javelined and perished…the group worked together to fortify the orphanage against further assault as Bea, Pj, and Tristan cast a prayer of healing on those injured. While the 10 minute spell was being cast, the channeling of those divine energies left a conduit open. Tristan, Pj, Bea, and Waltz all had visions of Their gods speak to them about the temptations of the Grey. Waltz received a token from Tymorma, a copper coin, that literally fell from the sky and hit him like a sack of bricks laying him out.

We leave the heroes hunkered down, riding out the night and trying once again not to die. as more and more forces of Light arrive for the meeting we set up with Lady Othal….and then the dragons land.

(Jeff wants everyone to try and schedule a time to roleplay this section out on Discord before Wednesday. If you want to be a part of it please post your availability as a
Comment below.)


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