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Roleplay Summary – 05/01/2019

The group wakes from partying very late in the day. During the night Gul’dan and Tristan were assaulted by nightmarish visions similar to those experienced in Philidaeus so many weeks ago. While eating an evening repast, Bea receives a sending from Mari Runi (the Handler for Philidaeus) saying that her oldest daughter Melody is in a coma. Bea, Lacy, and the Wardens all fly out to Philidaeus as the rest of the group saddle up to ride out and are ambushed by Ned Shankshaft (the person we “saved” from Legast’s home) and a group of mercenaries. Ned tells the group “You’ve meddled in Saltmarsh with forces beyond your ken.” (sic)

We try to get them to back down, but Eglath decides that the best offense is offense and rushes the group, Eglath takes a series of blows from the mercs and Gul’dan prevents a sleep spell on our group with counterspell. Nix banes the group and Krethial and Gul’dan unleash spells. Tristan wades in to Ned as their wizard fireballs the group dealing a huge amount of damage. We regroup slightly as Krethial and Gul’dan sling more spells as Ned narrowly avoids having his head staved in by Tristan. We dispatch the group eventually and Tristan attempts to arrest Ned who decides to try and run and continue to kill Tristan as he does so.

But the group was suddenly out matched. A group of the Queen’s 9th dragoon guards led by a hulking figure clad in blue and red astride a coal black charger teleported into New Bern just to gather up the bodies of the Mercenaries. Tristan called out a name to them “Valerian Morehead” The name of the lone survivor who hunted down their company thousands of years ago. The Massive rider gets off of his horse and strides the distance to stand toe to toe with the group. he says in a basso rumble. “Make your Jests, You will all be with the Grey soon.” and turns on his heel and leaves with his group.

The group heaves a sigh of relief and decides to head out in the morning to Philidaeus. But before we could leave we receive a runner from Bucks with a message “You need to come look at this.” Turns out our wagon was bugged…all of the wagons were bugged. They have been following our group spying on us. We make a Sending to Lady Carwyn Othal asking for guidance and she agrees to meet our group in Berle in Three days time.


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