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When I started writing here, I decided to go through my collection, alphabetically, and review each title, though occasionally, I’d back up into the list to catch a title I’d recently acquired.

I stopped writing them when I moved, and cut my collection in half. I left half of it behind with the shop when I passed on the torch.  Also, I had only managed to get most of the way through the “A”s.  I’m not sure I ever would have gotten far.

When we moved to northeast Indiana, most of my stuff stayed in storage, except my board games.  I kept them handy, though I didn’t get to play much for the first year.

In June, we moved again, into town.  I now have a place, mostly, for my stuff.  I’m still unpacking it, and probably will be until we find ourselves moving again.   I’m finding myself playing more often, as well.  Between Non-Boring Board Games, evening gaming with my wife, monthly events at the library, and getting together with friends, my games are seeing more play than ever.

My goal is to start doing weekly wrap ups of local gaming, as well as get back to reviewing my collection.  I reorganized my shelves today, though I didn’t leave room for the games I have in the car.  I’ve added a few pictures of the collection, as it stands now.

2014-10-13 14.24.18


I took a separate picture of JUST the Fantasy Flight Games stuff, because part of me thinks this is kinda sad.  But an awesome kind of sad.

2014-10-13 14.24.39


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