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September was a month of mixed results, gaining two new thru our new Facebook page, but generated no new gamers from our advertising with the Washington Times Herald, both in their hard copy newspaper and on their web site.

The activities:

September 6th Game Day

Attendees – 8
New Attendees – 2
Games Played – 6 games played a total of 15 times
Activity per Gamer – 6.5, 39 total plays by 6 gamers

Games Played
King of Tokyo – played once
Cardline Animals – played five times
Castle Panic – played once
Pandemic – played once
Checkers – played 6 times
Napoleonic Miniatures – played once

New Games Introduced to the Group
-Cardline Animals
-Napoleonic Miniatures

-One of our attendees just watched games being played.
-The two new attendees were both from Kentucky, but
different parts of Kentucky. They both saw our Facebook
page and decided to attend.
-Our first foray into miniatures this month, as a Napoleonic’s
Miniatures game was played, with the French defeating the

In addition, we had three other game nights at the Museum in September. Two of the Legends Game Nights were held at the Museum due to travel issues.

Legends Board Game Night at the Museum, 2 nights

Gamers Attending – 3 both nights
New Attendees – none
Games Played – 5 games played a total of 10 times
Activity Per Gamer – 9.0, 27 total plays by 3 gamers

Games Played
-Star Realms – played three times
-Thunderstone Advanced Starter – played twice
-Lord of the Rings, the Deck Building Game – played twice
-Love Letter – Played once
-Hanabi – played twice

We have also initiated an additional game night to focus on new games, deck builders, and Living Card Games.

Game Night at the Daviess County Museum

Gamers Attending – 3
New Gamers Attending – none
Games played – 8
Activity per Gamer – 7.3, 22 total plays by 3 gamers

We have not settled on a format of scheduling our Game Night at the Daviess County Museum. Check our Facebook page for October’s date.

In other activity by Museum Gamers

-5 participated in Game Nights at Legends
-3 participated in Saint Peter’s Monthly Game Night in
Evansville, Indiana
-1 participated in Game Nights at Full Moon Games in Terre
Haute, Indiana
-2 gamers participated in ChatCon Up All Night, 24 Hours of
Gaming in Washington Indiana
-6 gamers attended GTMCon, What Gaming is Meant to Be
in Fishers, Indiana

Future plans for DC Museum Game Day (tentative)

-October’s focus is exploration games, featuring Lewis &
Clark and Francis Drake
-November’s focus horror games featuring Smash Up
-December’s focus is Children’s Games
-Ongoing, Game Night at Daviess County Museum, check
our Facebook Page for detail

Come game with us on the first Saturday of the month!

DC Museum Gamers Game Day – Held the first Saturday of each month from noon to 5 at the Daviess County Museum, 212 Main Street, Washington, Indiana 47501. For further information contact the Daviess County Museum at 812-257-0301, or contact via e-mail at

Check out our Facebook page at Daviess County Museum Gaming Group.

Jeff Chattin

Great Gaming Gang!


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