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September was an interesting month with the Board Game Group. We had two of the board game nights at the Daviess County Museum due to travel issues. But we are now back to normal as we enter October.

Wednesday, September 3

Ascension – played 3 times
6 gamers participating

Wednesday, September 10

Legendary Encounters, Aliens – played twice
Geek Out – played once
10 gamers participating

Wednesday, September 17, at Daviess County Museum

Star Realms – played once
Thunderstone Advance, Starter – played twice
3 gamers participating

Wednesday, September 24, at Daviess County Museum

Star Realms – played twice
Lord of the Rings, the Deck Building Game – played twice
Love Letter – played once
Hanabi – played twice
3 gamers participating

Monthly Totals

Number of games played – 16
Number of different games played – 8
Number of different gamers participating – 12

-Friday Night Magic is having great attendance as is Magic
Commander League
-Monday nights have a Cthulu role playing game, and they
are always looking for another investigator.
-Tuesday night finds Legends putting on Werewolf at the
Vincennes University Student Union.
-D&D Role Playing Games are happening on Wednesday
-Malifaux League is getting up to speed, with several gamers participating, but there is still room for more. If you are unfamiliar with Malifauxs but you want to try miniatures, this is the game for you. Most nights Wil is at Legends and is willing to show you a game or help you paint miniatures.

If you have a game you would like to try out but don’t have, a game you have collecting dust in the back of the closet, or just want some gaming camaraderie, join us at Legends on Wednesdays starting at 5pm.

Legends Board Game Night, held weekly on Wednesday’s from 5pm till 9pm. Legends Family and Hobby Games 314 N. Harrison St., Vincennes, Indiana 47591 Phone 812-255-0574

Jeff Chattin
Great Gaming Gang!


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