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Roleplay Summary – 4/9/2019

Tristan lights up a hand rolled Berle tobacco cigarette using the oil lamp sitting on the Tavern table. His frock is damp from the calves down and his brand new boots are caked in filth. The justicar grimaces at the strange inclusion of the scent of whale oil to the usual mixture of clove, allspice and cinnamon his favorite Tobacco usually gives off.

Tristan looks into the camera, takes a drag and says “Here’s what you missed.”

The group ascended the boat that the shapeshifter was on. We discovered a few half-orc corpses that Tindar had cut down and a ruined magic circle lying on the deck. In addition next to the circle was the desiccated corpse of their wizard who sucked the life out of herself to teleport the survivors away.

We investigated below decks to find yet another group of slaves. Some of these ones had also been drained of their life forces but…in a different way.

Turns out that the shapeshifter was not what we originally thought, it is some kind of monster that can take on the appearance of people through a dread way. It sucks it’s victims clean of energy, talent, skill, and vivacity to bolster itself…and feed.

It then assumes their identity to disguise itself.

(Tristan takes a deep drag and flicks some ashes)

So we save the folk with the aid of the constabulary and some sailors he enlisted and continue to search the boat, all the while it’s sinking. We find it’s lair, and apparently it has a taste for finery. So we strip the whole thing and run for our lives while Sughust and Tindar attempt some foolish deed and go into the bilges.

We all escape and Sughust and Tindar tell us they’ve been tracking this thing for months, crossing paths with us where it leaves it’s victims…it’s stalking us. Specifically?

(Tristan takes a gulp of water and another drag off of his smoke, the plume he exhales perfuming the air)

It’s tracking Nix…she’s…tasty to it.

So? We have a chest, a load of books, and more questions than answers. But, we’re heroes, we’ll persevere.

(Tristan stubs out his cigarette)

“Get some rest. We’re going to go and see a man about a house tomorrow and I want you all to be ready.”


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