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Roleplay Archive – 04/14/2019

Tristan revealed that he had given the Wizard Billingsly Bandin 1200 gold from his personal funds to begin the research and development of the spells to permanently anchor a Mordenkainen’s Magnificent Mansion spell to the Big Damn Wagon Of Heroism.

Tristan is confident in the abilities of Wizard Bandin to achieve this spell because of his fame as an enchanter. (we have seen his wares up and down the Great Eastern Way several times and he is a fellow member of the Oakleaf Cluster.)

So, because the end result will benefit the entire group; Tristan asked if the Party would be willing to allow him to recoup his costs from the as of yet undivided party funds. Only Waltz said he could.

However, upon bringing up the subject of undivided loot, Tristan also asked going forward how everybody would like to handle funds and the divvying up of such. In this he proposed Three ideas.

Each possible way does not involve any character’s personal money earned during downtime. Your free time has no bearing on what we do as a collective save that each member *should,* during downtime, do something to benefit us all, learning a new skill, finding contacts, or improving themselves in some fashion so they become more useful during missions.

*Solution 1: Democratic Socialism.

Concept: merit based divisions that still takes care of the basic necessities of the group.

Method: all funds and items are collected during an adventure and upon completion of the adventure are divided, amongst the members of the group that participated in the quest, evenly to spend, save, or squander as they please.

One additional share of loot (or an agreed upon percentage of each share) will be allocated to a party fund for supplies to keep us going in between towns, basic room and board, and any thing the party seems necessary or cool to have as a group by majority vote.

A Quartermaster would be elected by the group to supply adventures and manage party funds.

Advantage: if you are there you gets a fair share. Basic necessities are taken care of by the group. We get to decide together if we want to buy something cool for us all.

Disadvantage: Stiffs those not able to make adventures. if you want to have a nicer in town experience it’s on you. Needs to come up with a way to handle large magic items not easily divided.

*Solution 2: Raw Capitalism.

Concept: capitalism.

Method: You keep what you kill, you keep Loot you find.

Advantage: Easy. No need to worry about how items and coin are divided. No need for math, or organization.

Disadvantage: No safety net, if you’re too slow you get nothing. Everybody is probably gonna fight eventually.

*Solution 3: Communism.

Concept: All for one, One for all. Everything is for the collective.

Method: ALL of the Loot; Items, Coins, Equipment etc. belong to everybody. We pool everything together and make decisions on how to spend coin democratically by majority vote including the outfitting of members with equipment.

Magic items will be assigned to party members for use but in the end they still belong to everybody. Room and Board are handled by the party funds with a small stipend given for any luxuries you may want beyond the basics.

When our journey is over or a member decides to retire we split the whole thing evenly. Everybody gets an equal share. If you retire early you get your share of what ever is currently Available.

A Quartermaster should be elected to handle the supplies and keep totals of our coffers.

Advantages: Other than the job of the Quartermaster this method is also fairly simple. No need to worry about basic necessities for an individual. Even shares for all including those unable to make a session. No one has to feel left out of swag.

Disadvantages: the quartermaster’s job will be intensive. Will require us to vote on any given item we want to pick up, which may bog things down. May lead to some feel bad moments when we miss out on a purchase that one person wants but the others feel is superfluous.

These ideas are strictly how we may handle the money gained from adventures. Your downtime is all on you unless you want to contribute your downtime money to party loot which is something completely separate for now. This is all in an effort to be more organized and be in agreement on how our group will function moving forward seeing as how we are all in this for the long haul.

The meeting Tristan called is still in session on the in character messenger group so if anyone wants to discuss these options, modifications to them or come up with a different solution feel free to roleplay it out, or make a comment on this post.


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