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Roleplay Summary – 04/17/19

Continued investigation of Legast’s house. everybody made their way to the basement first. Midnight tripped an illusion trap that made Eglath and Waltz panic and run from the house. Gul’dan went first into the basement and found a corpse of a figure in armor. Eglath and Waltz rallied themselves and came back to the house.

Gul’dan touched the corpse and had a “rot grub” burrow into his arm which required an application of lesser restoration or it would have eaten his heart killing him instantly 😱 we found a secret door in the basement that lead to a room with a table with place settings for 12 and a variety of foods.

Midnight opens a couple of locked doors as Waltz and Nix kick open the door to a room marked “DANGER DO NOT ENTER” and beyond it was a group of skeletons. we made short work of the skeletons thank’s to Krethial’s new shiny spell. In the room with all the skeletons was a secret door hiding the Alchemist’s laboratory, where we discovered that apparently Legast had discovered how to turn common items into gold.🤩🤩 Midnight found a shiny new stone….which just so happened to be cursed.

We continued to search the area and found a secret door in the eastern wall that lead down into a cavern where we were ambushed by eight gnolls and five assorted pirate looking dudes. we proceeded to dispatch them and the living pirates and gnolls surrendered.


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