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Roleplay Summary – 04/18/2019

Summary? Everything went to shit.

Krethial, Tristan, and Waltz explored the caverns while Eglath, Gul’dan, and Nix attempted to speak with our prisoners

(we all should have just waited for Jeff because boy did we cock that up.)

Tristan decided the best way to get the half-orcs to talk was to take one away from the group and break his knee. (Partly because intimidation mostly because of deep rooted anger issues) Everybody was like “no tristan do dooo eet” and got all squicky about “torture” so they decided to take the sailor back and bring the deck hand in.

The Sailor proceeded to mock our group about backing down (called it.) So Waltz decided the best way to shut him up was to Slit his throat (😱)

Of course the rest of the prisoners seeing that their busy just got axed jumped Waltz and tried to chew out his throat with their tusks (nat20 🤮) so Waltz is bleeding out and we kill/subdue the two attackers but in the fracas the wizard and the other prisoner escape. We catch the halforc rowing to sea but the Wizard bolted upstairs and swallowed a potion of invisibility and haste to bail.

So yeah mission failure.


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