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Roleplay Summary – 04/19/2019

The group reconvenes for breakfast the day after we come back from the “Ghost House” Krethial had a meeting with Dianne and Lacy Bandin about coming to the manor to restore Leghast’s Alchemy text but they showed concern that we had yet to explore the upper parts of the house throughly. So we begin to make preparations to go and fully clear the unexplored rooms.

While we make these preparations Sheriffs Raylen and Robin arrive from their 17 hour flight to Saltmarsh (they arrive on the backs of Pegasi 🤘) and ask us to debrief them on the situation regarding the Slavers, Ogres, and the ghost house. We do so and they ask in two days time to be led to the cavern where the Ogres lived and to see the manor of Legast. In the meantime they interview the fourty released prisoners.

Nix also revealed that she is a Changeling to anybody who wishes to know. We suggested that she keep one face on while in a town just to make sure to not scare the folk.


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