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Roleplay Summary – 04/20/2019

Waltz enlisted Krethial and Nix to find the Lost horse “Buster”. They ascertain that the horse did not escape but was in fact stolen. Krethial used his familiar in cat form to track the horse to a section of woods where a few hobgoblins were using Buster to log the area.

Nix changed into an injured Hobgoblin and Waltz killed it (Waltz apparently lives to slit throats.)

Nix attempts to get the Hobgoblins away from Buster and seems to succeed but when Krethial sets all their work on fire before making their escape the Hobgoblins run back to the group.

Waltz stands firm against the group but succumbs to the Hobgoblin onslaught and had his coin purse and sword stolen. They return with the Horse and, other than yet another near fatal experience for Waltz, they are relatively unscathed.

Tristan asks Dianne about how to proceed with telling Misty about Legast but they come to the conclusion to wait until the house is cleared. Tristan asks if he can help out with the Bandin’s home and takes their horses to the Stables to be reshod and asks for the parties horses to be tended to.


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