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Roleplay Summary – 04/22/2019

Jeff informed is that we have already acquired the ruined boat belonging to the wizard who died teleporting the Chupacabra away. So we need to decide if we are gonna sell it, flip it then sell it, or repair it and have a boat if we do nothing it rots and we lose a resource.

Will got very excited to do a bit of provision shopping before we all headed out to Legast’s Manor again but promptly passed out when he got home from work.

Nix, Krethial, and Waltz told us about what happened with the Horse finding and Tristan suggested that the group needs to communicate more. We may be Big Damn Heroes….but we aren’t invulnerable.

Tristan used all his downtime becoming certified in the Atlatl, rowing, sign language, maintenance of hoofed animals and practicing Alchemy.

We determined that everybody in one month, has 160 hours for jobs, 144 hours of “down from downtime aka rnr time” (reading, conversing, practicing skills etc), and 128 hours of ADVENTURE TIME!

So if you want to read books you can use the RNR time to do so…or ignore the knowledge simply waiting for you.


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