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Roleplay Summary – 04/24/2019

Our group went over the magical items we found in Legast’s Laboratory. While Dianne was identifying items Nix shows the group a selection of scrolls she found inside of her wagon when she was getting it renovated. One of these scrolls was a list of names and gold values we assume is a hit list as some of the names have been crossed off. We inform the Sheriff of the list and proceed to go and deal with the lights in the swamp

The Heroes meet Barney Rubble the farmer who informs us about the mysterious lights around his farm. The lights are several different colors and keep getting closer to the house and barn threatening their peace.

The group split, sending the small sneaky ones into the Swamp to attempt to find clues, while the big dumb tanky ones checked out the area of the farm. no one found anything exciting except the eerie absence of noises.

We waited for darkness to fall and discovered that the lights were in fact Will-o’-wisps who were attempting to feed on the fear they were causing the farmers. The Heroes engaged them and discovered quickly that will-o’-wisps can turn invisible at will. After a few rounds of combat we cut down the majority of the Will-o’-wisps leaving one running away.

Midnight, Verna, and Nala all attempted to chase down the fleeing enemy and discovered the Will-o’-wisps plan was infact To run the group straight into an ambush of Bullywugs hoping that they could feast on the death they wrought.

So, with a well placed flame wave from Krethial, and a few more rounds of combat the 18 Bullywugs eventually fell. We looted their warrens, and told Barney to call us if the Will-o’Wisp returned. He gave our group the reward money and we met back at the tavern to discuss our next move


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