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Roleplay Summary – 04/23-26/2019

Summary of Online Roleplay 4/23, 4/25, 4/26

4/23: the group returns to make Legast’s home safe for Misty to inherit. Dianne and Lacy Bandin dispelled the two fear spells and discovered that they were tied to very high level evocation spells designed to trigger when an attempt to dispel them was made.

Moving To Legast’s laboratory we had the Bandin’s preserve the journal and found underneath it a gnomish text titled “ye olde secrets of ye olde philosophers stone.” With a scroll of Speak with Dead we learned several of Legast’s secrets and laid the body to rest. (See transcript of Legast’s final words in the game notes file on the google drive soon as I get it finished) We ascertained from these conversations that the stone tables in the cavern were used for alchemical experimentations that were deemed too dangerous for the lab.

We used the information Legast gave us to find all of the hidden treasures in the home. While exploring and clearing the upstairs we found in one of the rooms a curious series of scratch marks on one of the window sills. Further inspection and deduction led us to ascertain that it was the room from which the Smugglers signaled the incoming boats to drop off contraband and pick up Slaves to take to the south lands.

We took all the items back to town and interrogated our stool pigeon who informed us that the Smugglers would arrive at the dark of the New moon and that three days before hand a Druid would be bringing a group of slaves from the direction of Seaton using Pass without Trace and Silence spells to cover his tracks and keep the prisoners quiet.

We used the next two days to wrap up the loose ends in the town.

First at Table time we dealt with the lights on 4/24 (see previous summary post)

Tristan spoke with Misty Malan (the blind girl who was slated to be the alchemist’s apprentice) and revealed to her that Legast had left the property and all his notes and journals in her name with a legal and binding Last Will. She asked to be shown the house and to have a carpenter do an estimate on repairs. While revisiting the house for the final time it revealed one final secret. A hidden door in the Laboratory beyond which was a much larger workspace and even more reagents and books all labeled and translated into Braille (😱).

Misty was overcome with emotions and decided that she would work with Legast’s brother and become an apprentice alchemist (🎉) she asked for the alchemical supplies and the golden rose be returned to her and in exchange we can keep all the other loot we found. Including the gold human skull! (💰)

After a heart to heart about relationships Misty and Tristan parted ways in time to meet with Nix, Sheriff Raylen Givins and Deputy Robin to go out and examine the Ogre’s cavern and corpses. Sadly the farmers had burned the bodies leaving no evidence, and we are currently exploring the cave once more.

The rest of the messages between the group have been about how to spend the next 26 days of downtime, as that is how long we have until the next New Moon. The consensus is to travel back to Philidaeus and Berle to tie up some loose ends, get some more specialized training for our members, and to upgrade the Big Wagon Of Heroism with all the components necessary to get it enchanted.

(I think that’s everything. If I missed a spot make a comment below)


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