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Roleplay Summary – 04/29/2019

Summary of Online Roleplay 4/29/19

The group finally saddled up to move north (🎉 bout damn time 🎉)

Vandor showed up at the last minute with a caravan of 5 wagons of merchants pushing our wagon train total to nine! (😱) So we set out for New Bern with Lacy Bandin and the Merchants in tow.

Right before we hit the Swamp between Saltmarsh and Celtic we met a pair travelers from the far away island chain of Nippon (👹they might just be monks or ninjas) and offered to escort them forward to Celtic. The road was surprisingly safe, and we made Celtic by nightfall. While we stayed at Celtic, Waltz got a sweet minor upgrade to his armor swapping out all the leather bits with Aligator Leather (🐊)

We pushed through Oolitic to New Bern in a grueling 16 hour trek making it to New Bern under cover of darkness. Upon reaching the town we discovered that the Party that Gul’dan, Krethial and Lacy were invited to was apparently a huge affair with party goers taking up every room in the tavern.

The majority group went to stay at the Pecan farm ran by Valastin Vega, an associate of Vandor, while Krethial and Tristan (who are with two very smart and forward thinking ladies) were able to stay in the tavern to enjoy the company of their respective paramours. *Insert fade to black moment here*

Upon the morning Tristan went to go and speak with Buck (Of Buck’s carpentry) about retrofitting the wagon with all the necessary components to contain the magic to enchant the wagon with a Mordenkainen’s Magnificent Mansion spell permanently. The most costly component in both time and coin from his end will be the Adamantine door knob valued at 10,500 pieces of gold! (💵) After dealing with Buck, The heroes were invited to join the crew of Buck’s carpentry for an end of year party.

While this was happening Gul’dan, Krethial, Bea (Tristan’s date) and Lacy all prepared them selves for a New Year’s party that was sure to be one to remember. And tonight we pick up with the Big Damn Heroes as they ring out their first year together and begin fresh in the next.

(We’re planning on finishing the party portion of this section tonight on discord and move on from there in preparation for table time on Wednesday)


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