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Roleplay Summary – 04/30/2019

The Big Damn Heroes were invited to a variety of New year’s parties to celebrate the turning of the wheel. Some of the group (Eglath and Waltz) went to a party with Buck (of Buck’s carpentry) While the rest went to the Party hosted by Chella Denton.

The whole group partied the night away with a few nice surprises which included: Gul’dan giving an incredibly thoughtful gift to Chella (endearing himself to her) Krethial eating his Wheaties. Nix jamming with a bard group and politely blue balling the lead singer, Eglath and Waltz dancing with Buck’s wife, Waltz and Eglath getting krunk, and the whole cadre meeting the Wardens of the East and promising a breakfast meeting in two days.

Also the entire party was an elaborate trap set by a coven of 1567 year old witches as a plot to suck the life force from young virile men. the ensuing chaos killed the entire group. tpkgnp.(at least that’s what Gul’dan thinks 😉 )


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