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Most humans are guilty of being at least a little superficial.  Our initial reactions to pretty things are usually favorable.  Test after test have shown that corporate hiring managers will lean toward an attractive candidate over a less

Jason’s Board Game Collection — Apples to Apples

It’s amazing to see Apples to Apples as such a mainstream thing.  I remember when Out of the Box and John Kovalic first released the little party game.  We tried it right about the time it was


Hello all, like Alan and Travis, Jason has asked me to contribute my $.02 worth to the Fort Sackville Gamers page, blog, bulletin board, web page, whatever this is (as you can see, I am prehistoric when

Jason’s Board Game Collection — Android: Netrunner

I owned a bit of Netrunner in the 90s, but I don’t think I ever played it.  We didn’t have much luck pushing any CCGs that weren’t Magic or Pokemon.  I have no idea what happened to


Howdy all. Thanks to Jason I have a chance to blog about my gaming but I thought I’d introduce myself. My name is Allen and I live in Robinson, IL and I started gaming in the 70’s

Jason’s Board Game Collection — Android

I heard about [bgt id=39339] shortly before they announced Android: Netrunner.  I was attracted to the future noir setting, and liked the idea of a murder mystery where the actual “solution” to the game isn’t predetermined.  It

Jason’s Board Game Collection – Unplayed Games #2

The games on this morning’s “Unplayed Games” list have both been “kinda played”.  Each was picked up after a  brief demo, and never got played after that.   Before I got heavily interested in board gaming as

Jason’s Board Game Collection – Unplayed Games #1

As I work my way through the list of games, I will be making posts like this to make note of games that I haven’t played yet.  I will also be noting if I plan to play

Jason’s Board Game Collection — Alien Frontiers

We’ve played several games of [bgt id=48726] since July. Some of our Evansville friends brought their copy up, and taught us one Saturday evening. It was also my first worker placement game. It must have made an impact on me.

Jason’s Board Game Collection — 1960: The Making of the President

Shortly after the 2012 election, I had apparently not had enough of the election fervor. I picked up a copy of [bgt id=27708], and got to play it within a few days. Since I’ve started following several