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Month: April 2019

Roleplay Summary – 04/29/2019

Summary of Online Roleplay 4/29/19

The group finally saddled up to move north (🎉 bout damn time 🎉)

Vandor showed up at the last minute with a caravan of 5 wagons of merchants pushing our wagon train total to nine! (😱) So we set out for New Bern with Lacy Bandin and the Merchants in tow.

Right before we hit the Swamp between Saltmarsh and Celtic we met a pair travelers from the far away island chain of Nippon (👹they might just be monks or ninjas) and offered to escort them forward to Celtic. The road was surprisingly safe, and we made Celtic by nightfall. While we stayed at Celtic, Waltz got a sweet minor upgrade to his armor swapping out all the leather bits with Aligator Leather (🐊)

We pushed through Oolitic to New Bern in a grueling 16 hour trek making it to New Bern under cover of darkness. Upon reaching the town we discovered that the Party that Gul’dan, Krethial and Lacy were invited to was apparently a huge affair with party goers taking up every room in the tavern.

The majority group went to stay at the Pecan farm ran by Valastin Vega, an associate of Vandor, while Krethial and Tristan (who are with two very smart and forward thinking ladies) were able to stay in the tavern to enjoy the company of their respective paramours. *Insert fade to black moment here*

Upon the morning Tristan went to go and speak with Buck (Of Buck’s carpentry) about retrofitting the wagon with all the necessary components to contain the magic to enchant the wagon with a Mordenkainen’s Magnificent Mansion spell permanently. The most costly component in both time and coin from his end will be the Adamantine door knob valued at 10,500 pieces of gold! (💵) After dealing with Buck, The heroes were invited to join the crew of Buck’s carpentry for an end of year party.

While this was happening Gul’dan, Krethial, Bea (Tristan’s date) and Lacy all prepared them selves for a New Year’s party that was sure to be one to remember. And tonight we pick up with the Big Damn Heroes as they ring out their first year together and begin fresh in the next.

(We’re planning on finishing the party portion of this section tonight on discord and move on from there in preparation for table time on Wednesday)


Prior to the Great War, religion had a very large place in most humanoids life. Attending church, temple, shrine, or whatever their religion demanded was often a daily occurrence for the vast majority of people.

Then the Great War started as skirmishes between baronies, fiefdoms, and kingdoms over trade routes, land borders, and trade. As the skirmishes intensified, more groups became involved. Larger clashes ensued, and soon racial groups began choosing sides. Over a period of 13 years, various groups chose sides.

The first large battle and ensuing atrocities occurred during the 14th year of the war, the battle of Hasford Shire. Human forces, along with orcish and dwarven allies, clashed with human forces, allied with dwarven and golaith troops. The three day battle saw no clear winner, no side for “light” and over 50,000 dead. During the battle, fighting spilled over into the Hasford Shire, home of the halflings, who had stayed neutral. When the battle ended the Shire had been razed, with only a handful of halflings escaping into the Wild Lands,the others having been killed or taken in as slaves.

The church had stayed neutral to this point, not outwardly choosing sides and condemning the fighting. In reality, the church was playing both sides against each other, using the conflict to increase the influence of the church across the continent, and thereby increasing the church’s land holdings and wealth. Individual leaders in the church, and even low level clergy in remote areas, expanded their holdings and wealth. Often, atrocities were overlooked as commanders committing the atrocities payed a “tithe” to the local church.

After the Battle of Hasford Shire, things changed. Both sides payed “tithes” in land and wealth to the church to atone for their armies atrocities. The next day, clerics lost their spells. Clerics were heavily used on the battlefield to heal wounds, give buffs to special troops, and to keep their leaders alive. All of that went away. Bards, Rangers, Druids and any other spell casters capable of healing lost their ability to heal humanoids, but could still try to repair the widespread damage done to the land and its non humanoid denizens. Instead of sending the message to end the war, it had the opposite effect. Both armies saw it as an opportunity to eradicate the other side, as no longer could healing change the tide of battle. More atrocities ensued, and more and more races and factions were pulled into the war. After 17 years of fighting, virtually every square foot of the continent had suffered the devastation of war. After 22 years of war, Firbolg, Lizard Folk, Kobolds, Aarakocra , Gnomes and Halflings were on the verge of extinction. The population of Galismar had been cut by more than half. The land wept, and stopped producing. Numerous plant species were also on the verge of extinction.

In the meantime, many people abandoned the church. Church hierarchy were seen living in luxury, their holdings being protected by both armies, well fed and dressed, while a million starved. Eventually, the peoples attacked these “representatives” of Eldar, burning them at the stake, beheading them, hanging them, or just slitting their throats. The amount of wealth these “godly” men had obtained was staggering.

But the some of the common folk did not abandon their Gods, just the man made institutions that were purportedly the word of Eldar on Elisar. While many abandoned the Gods, not all did. Some folks did what they did best, prayed and worshiped in private, or in cellars, barns, and groves in small groups.

During the 23rd year of the war, a Knight came from across the sea. A former Knight’s Templar, now leading a handful of Knights called the Knights of Delaria. Six knights, who landed in the south and began preaching ending the war, forgiveness, loving thy brother, taking care of nature, and treating others the way you wanted to be treated. The Knights of Delaria were comprised of two humans, a half elf, and aquatic elf, a halfling, and an aarakocra.

Humanoids began flocking to them. The Knights, often called the Six, cured the diseased and wounded, healed the land, and fed the hungry.

Both commanders of the opposing forces sent “hit squads” to eliminate the Delarian Order, as the commanders were concerned that these “upstarts” may take control of some of the lesser populations. The hit squads were never heard from again.

As the war raged in the middle and northern part of the continent, more and more of the south was pacified by the Delarians. Humanoids began to rush south, to join the Delarians. The land in the south was renewed, plants began to thrive. Eventually, the Army of Neck, one of the two factions at war, marched south to deal with the Delarians.

The Army of the Neck arrived on the field of battle, the Battle of the Arbor, 55 years ago, the 24th year of the war, expecting to find a rag tag army, underfed, under equipped, and few in number. The Army of the Neck boasted 27,000 troops, including 1000 of the Elite White Knights, who had never been beaten on the battlefield.

While the Delarian’s allies were not as well equipped as the Army of the Neck, they were better fed and well trained, numbering 22,000. The armies clashed, but soon it was seen that the Delarian’s allies, known as the Army of Common, had healers! Hundreds of healers, running among the fighting healing the Common. Soon the White Knights were ordered to charge the flank of the Common. The White Knights charged, but cavalry the Brunswick Uhlans, known as the Black Brunswickers, along with the Scots Greys, slammed into the White Knights. After a few minutes of vicious fighting, the White Knights broke. When the White Knights broke and fled the field, the remainder of the Army of the Neck routed.

While thi fighting was going on, the Delarian Knights sought out the Neck Army’s command group. Finding it, the Delarian Knights, outnumbered 4 to 1, slammed into the King of the Neck’s personal body guard. Again, terrifying fighting ensued, and the bodyguards were defeated. The King of the Neck, a huge golaith barbarian, refused to surrender and kept fighting. The King lost his head to Leodawnas, paladin and leader of the Knights of Delaria. After the fighting, two of the Delarian Knights were down. Witnesses to the fight and its end claim to have seen a female Angel, in shimmering golden samite armor descend from the heavens. The Angel gathered the Delarian Order around their two fallen. The Angel touched each of the four remaining standing knights and an orange glow engulfed each knight. Then the four knights knelt, one each at the head of a fallen comrade, one each at the foot of the fallen comrade. The Knights and the Angel sang a song and touched the two fallen knights. Both knights had orange light flash thru them, and they arose. The six knights knelt, holding hands, praying. The Angel again touched a knight, and shimmering green and yellow light engulfed the six. They six stood, turned, the six in unison shouted Elisar! A green and yellow shock wave radiated out in every direction for 100 miles. All of the fallen from either side were consumed by the wave, and where ever a body lay, a bush, tree, flower or plant sprang up.

The Knights of Delaria and the Army of Common rested at the field at Arbor. The Knights and many of the Army of Common spent a day and a night praying for salvation for the land, redemption of the folk, and for the dead of both sides.. On the third day after the battle ended, the Knights formed a circle, holding hands with a representative of the Halflings, Lizardfolk, Firbolg, Aarakocra, Kobold and Gnome races dispersed between them. The 12 sang a song, which started quietly, and expanded quickly to be heard by every folk across Galismar. The song, Love Train, drove tens of thousands of folk to the Arbor, where they were welcomed with open arms, any sins forgiven. The population of the Arbor soon grew to over 150,000, and the Army of Common grew to 30,000.

Constantine Fireking, a human wizard, self proclaimed King of the North, Ruler of the Great Galismar Mountains, and Protector of the Peoples of Galismar, and General of the Army of the Grey, was not impressed. His Army of 37,000 controlled the North and the Neck. Initially, Constantine dammed the Falspar River at the Neck, cutting off much of the freshwater supply to the south, and especially to the Arbor Forest and the Breadbasket, the most fertile land in Galismar. The land in the south began to suffer once again. The Army of Common and the Knights of Delaria marched north, to break the dam. In the Neck, the Battle of the Adams Apple Bog ensued 54 years ago, the 25th year of the war. The Army of Common attacked and quickly units in the Army of the Grey, starving and shivering from the winter, began to break, many surrendering without swinging a sword or loosing an arrow. In three hours, the Battle of the Adams Apple Bog was over. The dam was taken down, and the Falspar River flowed south once again.

Constantine and 1500 of his fanatics, known as the Immortals, retreated north. Constantine hatched a plan to reactivate the four inactive volcanoes in the north. Constantine had his fanatics capture tribes in the north, and began sacrificing them in the volcanoes, attempting to summon Aldolphus Franciscian Hitleren, Arch Demon, known as Hitler, Representative of Set on Elisar. Constantine’s plan was to have Hitler cause the four great volcanoes in the north erupt simultaneously, melting the ice and snow in the north, including the Great Sliver Glacier. The ensuing flood, rushing down the Neck, would destroy the Army of Common, the Delarian Knights, and the defiant folks in the south, providing millions of souls for Hitler to feast on.

Leodawnas, when made aware of this news by defectors from the Army of the North, gathered the Knights of Delaria and raced ahead of the Army of Common, marching north up the Neck. The Six arrived at the first volcano and dawn, and were attacked by a quarter of Constantine’s Immortals. Armed with heretofore unknown martial skills and the power of Light, the Six cut down the Immortals with blade, arrow and magic. The warhorses of the five of the Six, were touched by magic, their hooves not touching the ground, rode through the Immortals, with their riders cutting the Immortals down like wheat. Raclaw, the Aarakocra, flew ahead, her magic bow humming, as she obliterated any spell caster foolish enough to cast. Once again, the power of the Grey forces was unable to stand before the Champions of Light.

Entering the caldera of the first volcano, the six interrupted the ritual executions. Enough of the summoning ritual had been completed though, and the demon known as Hitler, although in a weakened form, for the ritual was not complete, stepped out of the summoning circle. He screamed in triumph, having arrived on Elisar for the first time in centuries. The Six launched their most devastating attacks, all casting Sunburst on the Demon, doing massive damage to him and temporarily stunning the giant beast from the Abyss. Lewdawnas, Leader of the Six and a paladin, along with Yort Sho Jr. Human samurai, charged Hitler, cutting into his putrid body. Ichor, the essence of souls Hitler consumed, spewing out, burning the two heroes, killing both of their chargers. Yonathan, halfling rogue, worked around the flank and plunged his two short swords into the demons lower back, covering him in spewing ichor, killing his horse. Bey, aquatic elf arcane archer, and Rayclaw, the Aarakocra ranger, pummled the demon with Holy Arrows of Light from their magic bows, searing great tunnels into the demon’s flesh. Orsiville, Half Elven warlock, used the power from his patron, the Arch Angel Delaria, to pound the demon with sunbeams. The demon Hitler struck back, sensing that Leodawnas and Yort Sho Jr. were severly injured, struck at both. Yort took two claws to the chest, the second blow tearing off his breast plate. Hitler then sent two vampiric blasts at Leodawnas, but Yort stepped in front of the blast, absorbing the necrotic damage. Black tendrils of life sapping energy wrapped Yort, extinguishing the spark of life that was Yort Sho Jr. Orsiville, upon seeing his half brother killed, called upon his patron for the power of Light. A blinding light shot out of Orisivlle’s finger tips and eyes, striking Hitler in the chest, a flash and a clap of thunder found Hitler writhing on the ground, howling and writhing in pain, wrapped in a glowing cocoon of silver blue light. Rawclaw and Bey calmly put 3 holy arrows each in Hitler’s eyes, his head crumpling, again howling as he was sucked back to the Abyss.

Constantine, standing on the lip of the volcano watching, turned and ran. Constantine gathered his personal body guard and teleported to a waiting ship at Borealis, fleeing in to the Ocean of Ice. The remaining Immortals fled north, and were eventually destroyed by the Army of the Common. The Immortals asking for and giving no quarter.

The remaining Six attempted to bring back Yort Sho Jr. to no avail. The remaining five prayed, asking for salvation for Yort and thanking the Entities of Light for defeating the demon Hitler. As they prayed, Delaria once again descended from the heavens, and touched each of the remaining Six, healing them. She then went to Yort’s body, and prayed. The remaining Six stood in a circle around Yort’s body, holding hands with Delaria. Yort’s body twitched, and a ghostly image of Yort, shimmering in blue robes, arose, hugging each of the Six. The soul of Yort Sho Jr took Delaria’s hand and ascended to the clouds and disappeared.

The war was over. The remaining Six, with Yort’s body, returned to the shambles that was Agincourt. In a proclamation heard by all folks on Galismar through divine magic, Leodawnas announced the abolishment of feudalism, royal titles, and outlawed racism. Land would be redistributed. Wealth would be redistributed. Leodawanas supported worship of your chosen religion, but warned about the power of the earthly church.

Over the nest 3 years, The Knights of Delaria, with representatives of all races that cared to participate, created the government as it stands today, The Commonwealth of Galismar. A Commonwealth wide election was held, electing the Prime Minister, the Senate, the Representatives, along with city, town and village elections.

The newly elected Prime Minister, a gnome, Fagen Stonebreaker, named the Knights of Delaria Heroes and Protector of the Realm.

After the formation of the government, Orisiville and Bey left to search for Constintine. It is not known if they have been successful. Leodawnas, Raclaw, and Yonothan passed on, and are laid to rest next to their comrade in arms, Yort Sho Jr.,in the crypt next to the Monastery of Light in the Great Walled City of Agincourt.

Roleplay Summary – 04/23-26/2019

Summary of Online Roleplay 4/23, 4/25, 4/26

4/23: the group returns to make Legast’s home safe for Misty to inherit. Dianne and Lacy Bandin dispelled the two fear spells and discovered that they were tied to very high level evocation spells designed to trigger when an attempt to dispel them was made.

Moving To Legast’s laboratory we had the Bandin’s preserve the journal and found underneath it a gnomish text titled “ye olde secrets of ye olde philosophers stone.” With a scroll of Speak with Dead we learned several of Legast’s secrets and laid the body to rest. (See transcript of Legast’s final words in the game notes file on the google drive soon as I get it finished) We ascertained from these conversations that the stone tables in the cavern were used for alchemical experimentations that were deemed too dangerous for the lab.

We used the information Legast gave us to find all of the hidden treasures in the home. While exploring and clearing the upstairs we found in one of the rooms a curious series of scratch marks on one of the window sills. Further inspection and deduction led us to ascertain that it was the room from which the Smugglers signaled the incoming boats to drop off contraband and pick up Slaves to take to the south lands.

We took all the items back to town and interrogated our stool pigeon who informed us that the Smugglers would arrive at the dark of the New moon and that three days before hand a Druid would be bringing a group of slaves from the direction of Seaton using Pass without Trace and Silence spells to cover his tracks and keep the prisoners quiet.

We used the next two days to wrap up the loose ends in the town.

First at Table time we dealt with the lights on 4/24 (see previous summary post)

Tristan spoke with Misty Malan (the blind girl who was slated to be the alchemist’s apprentice) and revealed to her that Legast had left the property and all his notes and journals in her name with a legal and binding Last Will. She asked to be shown the house and to have a carpenter do an estimate on repairs. While revisiting the house for the final time it revealed one final secret. A hidden door in the Laboratory beyond which was a much larger workspace and even more reagents and books all labeled and translated into Braille (😱).

Misty was overcome with emotions and decided that she would work with Legast’s brother and become an apprentice alchemist (🎉) she asked for the alchemical supplies and the golden rose be returned to her and in exchange we can keep all the other loot we found. Including the gold human skull! (💰)

After a heart to heart about relationships Misty and Tristan parted ways in time to meet with Nix, Sheriff Raylen Givins and Deputy Robin to go out and examine the Ogre’s cavern and corpses. Sadly the farmers had burned the bodies leaving no evidence, and we are currently exploring the cave once more.

The rest of the messages between the group have been about how to spend the next 26 days of downtime, as that is how long we have until the next New Moon. The consensus is to travel back to Philidaeus and Berle to tie up some loose ends, get some more specialized training for our members, and to upgrade the Big Wagon Of Heroism with all the components necessary to get it enchanted.

(I think that’s everything. If I missed a spot make a comment below)

Roleplay Summary – 04/24/2019

Our group went over the magical items we found in Legast’s Laboratory. While Dianne was identifying items Nix shows the group a selection of scrolls she found inside of her wagon when she was getting it renovated. One of these scrolls was a list of names and gold values we assume is a hit list as some of the names have been crossed off. We inform the Sheriff of the list and proceed to go and deal with the lights in the swamp

The Heroes meet Barney Rubble the farmer who informs us about the mysterious lights around his farm. The lights are several different colors and keep getting closer to the house and barn threatening their peace.

The group split, sending the small sneaky ones into the Swamp to attempt to find clues, while the big dumb tanky ones checked out the area of the farm. no one found anything exciting except the eerie absence of noises.

We waited for darkness to fall and discovered that the lights were in fact Will-o’-wisps who were attempting to feed on the fear they were causing the farmers. The Heroes engaged them and discovered quickly that will-o’-wisps can turn invisible at will. After a few rounds of combat we cut down the majority of the Will-o’-wisps leaving one running away.

Midnight, Verna, and Nala all attempted to chase down the fleeing enemy and discovered the Will-o’-wisps plan was infact To run the group straight into an ambush of Bullywugs hoping that they could feast on the death they wrought.

So, with a well placed flame wave from Krethial, and a few more rounds of combat the 18 Bullywugs eventually fell. We looted their warrens, and told Barney to call us if the Will-o’Wisp returned. He gave our group the reward money and we met back at the tavern to discuss our next move

Roleplay Summary – 04/22/2019

Jeff informed is that we have already acquired the ruined boat belonging to the wizard who died teleporting the Chupacabra away. So we need to decide if we are gonna sell it, flip it then sell it, or repair it and have a boat if we do nothing it rots and we lose a resource.

Will got very excited to do a bit of provision shopping before we all headed out to Legast’s Manor again but promptly passed out when he got home from work.

Nix, Krethial, and Waltz told us about what happened with the Horse finding and Tristan suggested that the group needs to communicate more. We may be Big Damn Heroes….but we aren’t invulnerable.

Tristan used all his downtime becoming certified in the Atlatl, rowing, sign language, maintenance of hoofed animals and practicing Alchemy.

We determined that everybody in one month, has 160 hours for jobs, 144 hours of “down from downtime aka rnr time” (reading, conversing, practicing skills etc), and 128 hours of ADVENTURE TIME!

So if you want to read books you can use the RNR time to do so…or ignore the knowledge simply waiting for you.

Roleplay Summary – 04/20/2019

Waltz enlisted Krethial and Nix to find the Lost horse “Buster”. They ascertain that the horse did not escape but was in fact stolen. Krethial used his familiar in cat form to track the horse to a section of woods where a few hobgoblins were using Buster to log the area.

Nix changed into an injured Hobgoblin and Waltz killed it (Waltz apparently lives to slit throats.)

Nix attempts to get the Hobgoblins away from Buster and seems to succeed but when Krethial sets all their work on fire before making their escape the Hobgoblins run back to the group.

Waltz stands firm against the group but succumbs to the Hobgoblin onslaught and had his coin purse and sword stolen. They return with the Horse and, other than yet another near fatal experience for Waltz, they are relatively unscathed.

Tristan asks Dianne about how to proceed with telling Misty about Legast but they come to the conclusion to wait until the house is cleared. Tristan asks if he can help out with the Bandin’s home and takes their horses to the Stables to be reshod and asks for the parties horses to be tended to.

Roleplay Summary – 04/19/2019

The group reconvenes for breakfast the day after we come back from the “Ghost House” Krethial had a meeting with Dianne and Lacy Bandin about coming to the manor to restore Leghast’s Alchemy text but they showed concern that we had yet to explore the upper parts of the house throughly. So we begin to make preparations to go and fully clear the unexplored rooms.

While we make these preparations Sheriffs Raylen and Robin arrive from their 17 hour flight to Saltmarsh (they arrive on the backs of Pegasi 🤘) and ask us to debrief them on the situation regarding the Slavers, Ogres, and the ghost house. We do so and they ask in two days time to be led to the cavern where the Ogres lived and to see the manor of Legast. In the meantime they interview the fourty released prisoners.

Nix also revealed that she is a Changeling to anybody who wishes to know. We suggested that she keep one face on while in a town just to make sure to not scare the folk.

Roleplay Summary – 04/18/2019

Summary? Everything went to shit.

Krethial, Tristan, and Waltz explored the caverns while Eglath, Gul’dan, and Nix attempted to speak with our prisoners

(we all should have just waited for Jeff because boy did we cock that up.)

Tristan decided the best way to get the half-orcs to talk was to take one away from the group and break his knee. (Partly because intimidation mostly because of deep rooted anger issues) Everybody was like “no tristan do dooo eet” and got all squicky about “torture” so they decided to take the sailor back and bring the deck hand in.

The Sailor proceeded to mock our group about backing down (called it.) So Waltz decided the best way to shut him up was to Slit his throat (😱)

Of course the rest of the prisoners seeing that their busy just got axed jumped Waltz and tried to chew out his throat with their tusks (nat20 🤮) so Waltz is bleeding out and we kill/subdue the two attackers but in the fracas the wizard and the other prisoner escape. We catch the halforc rowing to sea but the Wizard bolted upstairs and swallowed a potion of invisibility and haste to bail.

So yeah mission failure.

Roleplay Summary – 04/17/19

Continued investigation of Legast’s house. everybody made their way to the basement first. Midnight tripped an illusion trap that made Eglath and Waltz panic and run from the house. Gul’dan went first into the basement and found a corpse of a figure in armor. Eglath and Waltz rallied themselves and came back to the house.

Gul’dan touched the corpse and had a “rot grub” burrow into his arm which required an application of lesser restoration or it would have eaten his heart killing him instantly 😱 we found a secret door in the basement that lead to a room with a table with place settings for 12 and a variety of foods.

Midnight opens a couple of locked doors as Waltz and Nix kick open the door to a room marked “DANGER DO NOT ENTER” and beyond it was a group of skeletons. we made short work of the skeletons thank’s to Krethial’s new shiny spell. In the room with all the skeletons was a secret door hiding the Alchemist’s laboratory, where we discovered that apparently Legast had discovered how to turn common items into gold.🤩🤩 Midnight found a shiny new stone….which just so happened to be cursed.

We continued to search the area and found a secret door in the eastern wall that lead down into a cavern where we were ambushed by eight gnolls and five assorted pirate looking dudes. we proceeded to dispatch them and the living pirates and gnolls surrendered.

Roleplay Archive – 04/14/2019

Tristan revealed that he had given the Wizard Billingsly Bandin 1200 gold from his personal funds to begin the research and development of the spells to permanently anchor a Mordenkainen’s Magnificent Mansion spell to the Big Damn Wagon Of Heroism.

Tristan is confident in the abilities of Wizard Bandin to achieve this spell because of his fame as an enchanter. (we have seen his wares up and down the Great Eastern Way several times and he is a fellow member of the Oakleaf Cluster.)

So, because the end result will benefit the entire group; Tristan asked if the Party would be willing to allow him to recoup his costs from the as of yet undivided party funds. Only Waltz said he could.

However, upon bringing up the subject of undivided loot, Tristan also asked going forward how everybody would like to handle funds and the divvying up of such. In this he proposed Three ideas.

Each possible way does not involve any character’s personal money earned during downtime. Your free time has no bearing on what we do as a collective save that each member *should,* during downtime, do something to benefit us all, learning a new skill, finding contacts, or improving themselves in some fashion so they become more useful during missions.

*Solution 1: Democratic Socialism.

Concept: merit based divisions that still takes care of the basic necessities of the group.

Method: all funds and items are collected during an adventure and upon completion of the adventure are divided, amongst the members of the group that participated in the quest, evenly to spend, save, or squander as they please.

One additional share of loot (or an agreed upon percentage of each share) will be allocated to a party fund for supplies to keep us going in between towns, basic room and board, and any thing the party seems necessary or cool to have as a group by majority vote.

A Quartermaster would be elected by the group to supply adventures and manage party funds.

Advantage: if you are there you gets a fair share. Basic necessities are taken care of by the group. We get to decide together if we want to buy something cool for us all.

Disadvantage: Stiffs those not able to make adventures. if you want to have a nicer in town experience it’s on you. Needs to come up with a way to handle large magic items not easily divided.

*Solution 2: Raw Capitalism.

Concept: capitalism.

Method: You keep what you kill, you keep Loot you find.

Advantage: Easy. No need to worry about how items and coin are divided. No need for math, or organization.

Disadvantage: No safety net, if you’re too slow you get nothing. Everybody is probably gonna fight eventually.

*Solution 3: Communism.

Concept: All for one, One for all. Everything is for the collective.

Method: ALL of the Loot; Items, Coins, Equipment etc. belong to everybody. We pool everything together and make decisions on how to spend coin democratically by majority vote including the outfitting of members with equipment.

Magic items will be assigned to party members for use but in the end they still belong to everybody. Room and Board are handled by the party funds with a small stipend given for any luxuries you may want beyond the basics.

When our journey is over or a member decides to retire we split the whole thing evenly. Everybody gets an equal share. If you retire early you get your share of what ever is currently Available.

A Quartermaster should be elected to handle the supplies and keep totals of our coffers.

Advantages: Other than the job of the Quartermaster this method is also fairly simple. No need to worry about basic necessities for an individual. Even shares for all including those unable to make a session. No one has to feel left out of swag.

Disadvantages: the quartermaster’s job will be intensive. Will require us to vote on any given item we want to pick up, which may bog things down. May lead to some feel bad moments when we miss out on a purchase that one person wants but the others feel is superfluous.

These ideas are strictly how we may handle the money gained from adventures. Your downtime is all on you unless you want to contribute your downtime money to party loot which is something completely separate for now. This is all in an effort to be more organized and be in agreement on how our group will function moving forward seeing as how we are all in this for the long haul.

The meeting Tristan called is still in session on the in character messenger group so if anyone wants to discuss these options, modifications to them or come up with a different solution feel free to roleplay it out, or make a comment on this post.