Prior to the Great War, religion had a very large place in most humanoids life. Attending church, temple, shrine, or whatever their religion demanded was often a daily occurrence for the vast majority of people. Then the Great War started as skirmishes between baronies, fiefdoms, and kingdoms over trade routes, land borders, and trade. As […]


Roleplay Summary – 04/17/19

Continued investigation of Legast’s house. everybody made their way to the basement first. Midnight tripped an illusion trap that made Eglath and Waltz panic and run from the house. Gul’dan went first into the basement and found a corpse of a figure in armor. Eglath and Waltz rallied themselves and came back to the house. […]


Roleplay Archive – 04/14/2019

Tristan revealed that he had given the Wizard Billingsly Bandin 1200 gold from his personal funds to begin the research and development of the spells to permanently anchor a Mordenkainen’s Magnificent Mansion spell to the Big Damn Wagon Of Heroism. Tristan is confident in the abilities of Wizard Bandin to achieve this spell because of […]